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A Mango Shaped Space

No description

emma kingsley

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of A Mango Shaped Space

Mia is 13 years old.
Mia has a disease that is called synesthesia.
Mia didn't tell her parents about synesthesia until she failed math.
Mia's disease makes it hard for her in school.
She has a cat is named Mango.
She has two siblings named Beth and Zack.
Mia's grandfather just died.
Jenna is Mia's best friend.
Jenna's mom died a while ago.
Jenna visits her mom's grave everyday.
Mia and Jenna have been best friends forever.
Mia didn't tell Jenna about her disease.
Jenna is upset that she didn't know earlier.
Beth is Mia's older sister.
Beth is 18 years old.
Beth is mean to Mia sometimes.
Zack is Mia's little brother.
Zack is 11 years old.
Zack is always nice to Mia.
Beth and Zack
Mango is Mia's cat.
Mia found Mango at her grandfather's funeral.
Mango is sick and wheezes a lot.
Mia named Mango because when he wheezes she sees the color of a ripe mango.
Mia thinks that Mango's eyes look like her grandfather's eyes.
by Wendy Mass
A Mango Shaped Space
Mia gets asked a lot of questions about her disease. She doesn't like to read because it is hard for her to get through all the colors she sees.
One boy asked what color his name was and Mia said green with yellow shavings.
A girl asked what color her name was and Mia said light purple.
This prezi was made by..
Emma Kingsley
I would recommened this book to...
Anyone who likes books that are really really amazing
Anyone who likes books that are a little sad
Anyone who likes books where the main character has to over come a problem
About the book
The book I read was A Mango Shape Space written by Wendy Mass. The book is about a girl named Mia. She has a disease that is called synesthesia. Synesthesia is where you see colors when you see and hear names, numbers, and words.

Mia is the main character of the book. The other characters in the book are Mia's sister and brother, her cat and her best friend, Jenna. No one else in Mia's family has synesthesia. Her condition makes it hard for her in school. Reading and math are hard for her because she sees all the numbers with the colors in her face.
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