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LAW Delivery Phase

No description

Jeannette Brooks

on 12 April 2014

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Transcript of LAW Delivery Phase

Lesnes Abbey Woods
Lesnes Abbey Woods...
...will become the heart of the community;
a high quality open space with excellent access
and sought after facilities, attracting people from
all backgrounds both locally and beyond.

Appealing to current and future generations,
Lesnes Abbey Woods will be a cherished place,
alive with diverse opportunities
for people to celebrate and explore
the park’s rich heritage
and all it has to offer.
Enhancement Project
1. conserve and improve the site's heritage
2. improve management and maintenance
3. increase the range of visitors to the park
4. improve peoples skills through learning and training
5. increase the range of volunteers involved
Management and Maintenance Plan
Conservation Management Plan
The purpose of the meeting is to;
Ensure all involved know the project timetable

Offer updates on the proposed works

Provide opportunities for stakeholders to contribute to the project

Enhancement Project
Local regeneration and
the wider context
Masterplan elements
Activity Plan
13 February 2014, 2.30pm Civic Office Bexleyheath

Project overview
Masterplan; 2014 - 2016
Activity Plan; 2015 - 2019
Management and Maintenance Plan; 2o16 - 2026
Management Plan
Masterplan character areas
January - June 2015
July - December 2015
January - June 2016
July - December 2014
January - June 2014
Masterplan delivery
Lesnes Lodge construction begins
Landscape contractors - appointed
Landscape works commence
Continue Masterplan delivery
Lesnes Lodge opens
Recreation ground improvements
Site wide improvements
Final elements and completions
Gateway features installed
Site-wide signage and interpretation
Masterplan completes
Lesnes 're-launches'
Engagement, detailed design
Community engagement
Core team - recruitment
Revisions to plans
Procurement process
Masterplan actions and site preparations
Contractors appointed
Site prepared for works
Probable demolition of existing information centre
local residents
park users
project board
Activity plan overview


Health and Wellbeing
Informal Learning

Formal Learning
Community trial and taster activities during 2015
Lesnes Lodge
Completely glass fronted public spaces for learning activities and exhibitions
Internal kitchen able to serve building users and the public
Public conveniences
Maintenance and volunteer equipment stores
Centrally positioned officer administration office
Recreation ground
Dipping platform
Mulberry Tree
Character area highlights
Lodge internal configuration
Removable wall creating a versatile space for diverse uses
additional picnic area and seating
table tennis
dog free areas and new fencing
Monk's garden
Character area b:
Monk's garden
Abbey pond dipping platform
New learning and community centre (Lesnes Lodge
Character area c:
Recreation ground developments

Site wide:
Feature gateways
Lamp post banners
Character areas d and e:
Fossil bed
Heathland classroom
Feature gateway entrances
bicycle pump tack
outdoor gym
Lesnes Lodge
exterior interpretive terrace
Fossil Bed
Heathland Classroom
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