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Connecticut AM

No description


on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Connecticut AM

Connecticut AM
Historic Location
We are going to take you to Mark Twain's house but his real name is Samuel Clemons . He was the writer of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn.
Political Location
This is the state capital in Hartford. Hartford is where the Constitution was written!
Interesting Facts
Connecticut's Economy
Connecticut's History
Connecticut's Geography
Connecticut's Government
Road Trip Distance
Geographic Location
This is the Nautilus.It is a very
special submarine.It is also the first
nuclear submarine!
Uconn Stadium
Uconn stadium is a college football
stadium. Uconn is a college.It is the stadium in Uccon.
2. People immigrated from England,Scotland, Ireland and Canada work in the Factories.
3. Nickname is the Constitution state.
4.Connecticut river cuts Connecticut in half
5.Connecticut is the fifth state
6. Latitude 40 degrees North to 58'North
7. longitude 71 degrees 47'West to 73 degrees 44'West
8. They get 40 - 50 inches of rain and snow each year
9. Highest point-Mount Frissle-2,379
10. lowest point- logling sound exactly sea level
1. The population is 3,590,347
Connecticut is famous for selling pizza , clothes, silverwear ,clocks .Also some guns!This pic is of a famous pizza place.
Conneticut river splits the state in half!
CT is the 3rd smallest state
and mesures 5,543 miles
Pretty smallJust joking
The govener Mr. Malloys house .Also shaking hands with the President.He lives
in Hartford.
Road Map
physical map
political map
composite map
This is Uccon college.The population is 3,755.
Thanks For Watching
For Watching
Mark Twain house to Uccon stadium=6miles
Uccon stadium to Uccon college=6miles
Uccon college to Nautalis=39miles
Nautalis to Hartford=39miles
Hartford to WCE=1,880miles
and in all =1,970
The maskot is a wolve
Here we are at his house.
This is the goverment building
The sun rise on the CT river
CT river that spilits CT in half.
Gographic location
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