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Prezi vs Sliderocket Presentation

No description

Rachel Harmon

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Prezi vs Sliderocket Presentation

Conclusion The program we feel that will benefit the company the best would be Prezi. Not only is it more cost effective than SlideRocket, but it will make presentations more enjoyable and captivating.

Prezi overall is easy to maneuver and will be a great tool for the whole company to use from informal meetings to debriefings.

Anyone is free to use this product within the company as long as they are authorized. Prezi & SlideRocket Prezi vs. SlideRocket are both presentation software programs that help organize and share ideas. Usability After watching the tutorial it is very easy to use.
Creates a different framework than just slides.
ex. (takes a canvas-approach whereby the content is spread out, and you can zoom around)
Presenting is visually appealing and exciting!
With Prezi Desktop you can work on or offline and download straight to the computer or the cloud.
Prezi Meeting makes collaborating in real time flawless. Reliability Can link up to Internet as long as there is access or with Prezi Desktop, you can download it to a computer or tablet and present without Internet.

Only can use with Internet access. Available on web linked phones, tablets, and laptops. Once offline you cannot access the presentation. Import & Export Importing media is easy with the insert option
Has auto save so you don't have to worry about losing your work.
Can download to a desktop easily as well as exporting through an email or other social media. Prezi Basic Enjoy Pro
$0 $59 annual $159 annual
- 100MB storage -500MB storage - 2 GB storage
-basic features -use company logo -Prezi Desktop
-private settings Pricing Prezi Sliderocket Features:

mapping layout and zooming to show context relations more similar to PowerPoint than Prezi (works with slides rather than a canvas)
more about web-based editing and remote access than PowerPoint
import straight from PowerPoint to Slide Rocket
easy to use editor tool
integrates with a chart builder and other office-related graphics SlideRocket Easy export function to Windows, Mac, PowerPoint, or PDF
importing media is fairly straightforward except video can be a little flakey.
Can import previous presentations from PowerPoint and can convert to a SlideRocket presentation. SlideRocket Prezi Prezi SlideRocket Prezi SlideRocket Rachel & Donnie is an easy transition from PowerPoint Basic Pro Enterprise
$0 $24 user/month contact company
Online/ Mobile Online/Mobile Everywhere
presentations offline presentations presentation
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