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Ghost Stories

No description

marianna salazar

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Ghost Stories

Tony Jackson
Brenda Ford
The Sangston Family
Mrs. Gorman
Introductory Details

Rosemary Border
Fantasy & Horror
Ghost Stories
Retold by Rosemary Border
The story takes place in Surrey County
on England. It develops on one Christmas
Eve on a old mansion.


Five details before reading:
The story took place on England
The setting will always be in some lonely, old and dark place
It would talk about unexplained events that happened long time ago
It won't finished in a good way
The mood will be tense and full of suspense

Five details after reading:
The story revolves around a kid's game named "smee"
The characters ages are over seventeen years old, most of them are adults
The accident isn't something unnatural, scary or unexplainable
The handsome-tall-dark girl, isn't Brenda Ford
Most of characters kept their fear and anxiety for themselves

By: Marianna Salazar A.
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