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Ancient Chinese Seismograph

No description

Luke Sleeman

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Chinese Seismograph

Question 2: Explain the purpose of the object and how it was used in
trade or war. Question 1: Ancient Chinese
Seismograph Question 3 Identify and list the materials it was made from and then compare with a list of materials that it used today. Question 4 Explain how the construction of this object has changed over time. If there have been few modifications to this object explain why over such a long period little has been done What is the name of the object and what date was it first
invented in Ancient China? . Zhang Heng invented the Houfeng Didong Yi
(Seismograph) in 132 A.D. China was always faced with the problem of earthquakes, so Zhang Heng invented The Seismograph to alert the dynasty that an earthquake had happened in the direction of the fallen ball. It was used for trade because they sent people with supplies to the affected area. The seismograph has changed significantly over the years and here is the list of the materials from Ancient to Modern Times. Anchient High quality bronze.
Copper. Modern Aluminium
Electrical wires
Plastic The Seismograph has changed a lot over time because scientists kept improving it and perfecting. The way the Seismograph records the data it has collected, has changed. The ancient only recorded the direction that the earthquake occurred, but the modern Seismograph records where, when and how big the earthquake is with a Rictor Scale. Modern Seismograph Question 5 How does this object assist the community of China
(and/or other countries today)and do you personally
feel this object has made significant contributions to the development and expansion of trade or war? Explain why. The Seismograph has helped the construction of communities all over the world because most countries have a standard on how much the building can withstand an earthquake. The standard is higher or lower depending on how much they get earthquakes. This has saved millions of lives around the world. The Seismograph has opened up a lot of jobs including Seismology which study recordings of the past earthquakes. Scientists have nearly figured out how to predict an earthquake and alert the area where they think it will occur. Ancient Chinese
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