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Teach Like A Champion Ch 1

No description

Mike Bunten

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Teach Like A Champion Ch 1

Right is

Method 1:
Method 2:
Method 3:
Format Matters
Format Matters:

* Students respond in complete sentences, sentence frame
* Students use the correct grammar
* Students respond in a clear, public voice
Its not just WHAT students say when they respond that matters, but HOW they say it
Teacher responds to a correct answer by asking students follow up questions that extend knowledge and check for full understanding
There Are 5 Techniques Described:
- No Opt Out
- Stretch It
- Format Matters
- Right is Right
- Without Apology

No Opt Out
Today, we will explore and demonstrate Teach Like A Champion's 5 techniques for Setting High Expectations.
Teach Like A Champion!
The 5 techniques for Setting High Expectations are simple, but will take practice from both you and your students. Choose the few that work for you. Try implementing one at a time.
In the hands of a great teacher, no content is boring. Don't lower your academic expectations.
- " I know this stuff is dull..."

- "The material is on the test so we have to learn it"

- "Lets just try and get this unit over with"
Teach Like A Champion
Chapter 1:
Setting High Academic Expectations

Stretch It
Does not allow students to use the "I don't know" response

Set a tone / culture where all students are expected to participate

Reinforces the teacher;s belief in the student to get the right answer
Set and defend a high standard of correctness in your classroom
Hold out for all the way.
Answer the actual question
Without Apology
Ask why / have students justify their answer

Ask student to explain how they got the answer

Ask if there is another way to get the answer

Ask for more specific / refined vocabulary

Ask students to apply the skill / answer in a new situation
No Opt Out
Stretch It
Format Matters
Right is Right
Without Apology
Format Matters Demonstration......
Call & Response Demo... Ms. Shook
Cold Call
Call & Response
Wait Time
Everybody Writes
Setting High Expectations
Options when a student replies "I don't know"
A) Teacher provides the answer, initial student repeats it

B) Teacher provides a clue, initial student uses it to find the answer

C) Teacher has initial student discuss with a partner to get assistance
No Opt Out
Stretch It
Stretch It

Challenges students to be on their toes, extend and apply new knowledge, checks that the students didn't luck in to the correct answer
Format Matters enforces the message that acting/ sounding professional is imperative in the real world.
Don't apologize for seemingly difficult or dry material
This is a topic that you can have pride in knowing

This can be tricky, but I haven't seen much you couldn't handle

Some people are afraid of this unit, so after you master it you'll know more than most adults.
The right answer at the right time
Method 4:
Use the precise technical vocabulary
Great Teachers Praise students for their effort, but never confuse effort with mastery.
Post to Edmodo - FUSD Instructional Tech Group

Using the sen
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