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No description

Maria Rodriguez

on 25 August 2014

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Transcript of Recuerda…


Yo realmente creo que tú puedes hacer un trabajo excelente este año.
Quiero que tú creas en ti mismo/a.
¡Qué tengas un año fabuloso!

Sra. Rodríguez

I truly believe in your potential and I want you to believe in it too!
Have an awesome year! Mrs. Rodríguez

Other Procedures

What other procedures should be added to our classroom list?
Hand in daily work.
Put away materials.
Make sure desk area is neat and trash is picked up.
When the bell rings, be seated and look at the teacher
(All students must be seated).
Do not start packing up prior to the bell ring
Wait until the teacher finishes and officially dismisses you with:
“Have a nice day”
Proceed quickly and quietly out the door.

End of the Day Dismissal Procedure
I. Warm up assignment time
A. Students work on warm up
B. Teacher takes attendance, returns papers and checks on individual students as needed.
II. After the warm up assignment
A. Teacher announces daily/weekly agenda.
B. Teacher discusses returned papers/feedback.
C. warm up follow up.
D. Daily lesson begins.

Class Opening Procedures

Warm up assignment
Daily objective and agenda
Student–guided instruction/Practice
Daily Schedule
quietly read a book.
organize your planner or homework.
use the computer for practice Spanish.
sit quietly.
do a puzzle.
work on homework.
wait patiently
If you finish your work early . . .
Student’s Sudden Illness
The best time for bathroom use is during passing period.
You will allow to use the restroom 45 minutes after the bell ring and 20 minutes before the ending the period.
You should not leave class to use the bathroom unless it is truly necessary.
You may use the restroom only 3 times per grading period without a penalty.
You must get permission from the teacher without disrupting class.
Only one person at a time will use the bathroom.
Restroom Use

When you are absent, check with your table group to find out what you missed. Do not ask the teacher.
If you are missing work from an absence, the teacher will let you know what you are missing and provide the materials needed.
You will have until the end of the week to complete your missed work.
It is your responsibility to complete your missing work.

Absence Procedure
Enter quietly
Place the tardy slip on my desk
Your tardy slip must have the time you arrived at my class on it
If you do not have tardy slip sign in the tardy log
Have a seat and start doing your work

When you are tardy
Entra calladamente
Deja el PASE en el escritorio.
El pase debe indicar la hora en que llegaste a clase.
Si no tienes pase firma el registro
Siéntate calladamente
Empieza a hacer tu trabajo

Cuando Llegues Tarde
Stand in front of the class
Raise my hand
Wait for everybody be quiet
Start talking

Getting your attention/
Quieting down I will…
Pararme en frente de la clase
Levantar mi mano
Decir, “¡ATENCIóN!” -
Esperar a que todos estén callados
Comenzar a hablar
Para recibir la atención de la clase voy a …
Pick up handouts,
be seated, and gather materials for class.
Read the DO NOW assignment on the board and start working.
Do not wait for the teacher or the bell.
If you finish the WARM-UP assignment early, find something quiet to work on while others are finishing.

DO NOW Procedure
Enter the room quickly and quietly.
Pick up handouts on the WARM-UP table.
Get materials and be seated.
Read the WARM-UP assignment posted on the board and start working.
If you finish the WARM-UP assignment early, work on something else quietly.
Quietly, patiently wait for instruction

Entering the Classroom Procedure
Debo hacerlo callado y rápidamente
Tomar los materiales de la mesa de entrada
Sentarme de inmediato
Leer las asignaturas en el pizarrón y empezar a trabajar
Si termino el trabajo inicial, trabajaré en algo más en silencio
Esperaré callado por las siguientes instrucciones.

Cuando YO Entre a la Clase
What to do when…
the bell rings
the pencil breaks
You hear an emergency alert signal
You finish your work early
You have a questions
You need to go to the restroom
You came late

Daily Procedures

Any student who uses profanity, fights, damages school property (this includes the property of the teacher and other students), or is disrespectful (as defined by the teacher) will be sent to the office

Severe Clause

Verbal Warning and documentation
Seating change
Action Plan , Parental Contact, and 45 minute after school detention.
Fridays Only!!
School detention
Disciplinary Referral
Not Following Guidelines
will result in:
What are the rules in this classroom?

The atmosphere in this classroom will be formal and academic, but comfortable.

Students will work hard, learn Spanish, and enjoy the process.

I f a visitor walked into our classroom during the day, what should they see?

Classroom Expectations
How can you contact me ?

Where else are procedures practiced?

Following procedures will help you do your work with less confusion and thus help you succeed


Why Should We Have Procedures in Our Classroom?


La clase de
de la Sra.

Westbury High School school guidelines

¡Sí, siempre!

¿Me tratará Ms. Rodríguez con justicia?

Will this teacher treat me fairly?


Who is Ms Rodriguez ?

ROOM # C-125

Soy Mexicana
I'm Mexican
Soy Regia

De la ciudad de Monterrey, N.L.
Tengo 5 preciosos hijos
Y un esposo maravilloso, y
una nieta hermosa!!!
Me gusta viajar
Me gusta estudiar
Y leer
Attend class, and arrive on time.
Ven a clase y llega a tiempo.
Have materials ready when the bell rings.
Ten tus materiales listos cuando suene la campana
Listen when others are speaking.
Pon atención y escucha cuando alguien mas esta hablando.
Follow directions the first time they are given.
Sigue las instrucciones la primera vez que se dan
Get permission before speaking.
Pide permiso antes de hablar.
I expect students to do
the following things to make sure the classroom runs smoothly:
Be polite and respectful toward each other.
Sean amables y respetuosos unos con otros.
Stay on-task and focused on Spanish.
Mantente enfocado en tu trabajo y en el español.
Habla español!!!
Speak Spanish.
Attend to the assigned task.
Ocúpate del trabajo asignado
Wait your turn to talk.
Espera tu turno
para hablar
Stay with in your space.

Mantente en
tu lugar.
Use only school accepted language (either English or Spanish).
Utiliza solo el lenguaje apropiado para el salón de clases.
Neither destroys or defaces anything.
Cuida tu salón de clase. No lo destruyas!
Procedures are part of our life.
They allow complex operations to run smoothly with minimal confusion, low stress, and less wasted time.

¿Quien Soy?

School’s phone:(713) 723-6015 ext. 372
Google voice: 713-5706531
Conference period: 5th. period.
No cell phone allowed in class!
No i-pods mp3 or any other electronic device allowed in classroom
No electronic devices
No cell phones
No profanities or vulgarities
45/20 RULE
Tell teacher where you are going.
Go to the nurse or restroom.
Follow up with the teacher when you are better.
Note: You should not be “suddenly ill” very often.

Taking test
Using computers
Listening to announcements
 I choose to attend every day.
Decido asistir a la escuela cada día  
I choose to be on time to every class.
Decido llegar a tiempo a cada clase. 
I am here to learn and achieve.
Estoy aquí para aprender y superarme cada día. 
I am responsible for my actions.
Soy responsable de mis acciones.  
I am a young adult and will resolve conflicts and disputes responsibly.
Soy un joven adulto que resolveré mis conflictos y problemas responsablemente.
I contribute to a safe, respectful cooperative community.
Siempre contribuiré a formar una comunidad cooperativa, respetuosa y segura.  
I come each day with a clear mind and a healthy body.
Estaré presente cada día con una mente clara y un cuerpo sano.  
This is my school. I make it shine.
Esta es mi escuela y la haré brillar.
Westbury HS 2.0 Student Values/
Código de valores del estudiante de Westbury HS 2.0
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