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Technology of the Future

No description

Vut Siamwalla

on 19 January 2013

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Transcript of Technology of the Future

From Graham Bell's
'Water Transmitter' The Nunatak To the Amazing iPhone From your House Neato robotics developed the ‘robotic-automated’ vacuum cleaner to ‘the next level’ by adding laser beams and a mini GPS-built-in system which creates a map of the user’s house and remembers places that are already cleaned. +It will not hit into something before turning around because with laser beams sent out and received, it records everything’s places. Smart-Grid Appliances takes the entire house to the next step. Users can control their refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers and even washing machines wirelessly; control the amount of water they use, manage electricity consumption etc.. Simple HD TVs stuck to the ceilings of rooms allows anyone to be in any mood, blossoms of spring, summer meadows, fall foliage etc.. Sky Ceilings 3D Camcorders Video cameras will soon be available in 3D with JVC’s new ‘2 lenses’ technology which captures, similar to the human eye, three dimensional videos. Robonaut Curiosity is the largest ever rover to land on Mars. With sophisticated ‘robotics’ based softwares and hardware ‘arms’ this is a full-scale laboratory sending information to scientists on Earth. Curiosity ‘Robonaut’ is a humanoid robot that ‘just works how robots do’. Robonaut can be controlled wirelessly by man or can, what NASA calls ‘thinks for itself’. This robot helps astronauts do work on the International Space Station. Clean Cruiser Infinyte develops a technology to less pollute the sea and its reefs by using solar-powered electricity to feed their mini cruiser with ‘clean’ power. 2(HO) Flight An hour flight completely powered by hydrogen peroxide is made possible by Avimech. +It can carry over 800lbs of payload. Younicos have brought the completely independent and clean solar-powered electric-charging station to Berlin. Cars and scooters can charge their powers and be sure they put no emissions to factories. Younicos' ICS To your Community To
Global Success and Beyond Asimo Honda’s ‘intelligent’ robot built to get students heading for new technologies. This ‘smart-phone’ robot could walk in your house, to the park, on the stairs, and anywhere. A powered exoskeleton or an exo-frame supports the human body or runs on its own as a robot. They are designed to assist the wearer by such as supporting the limbs. Exo-frames can also help the injured-such as supporting the body from events such as strokes. Exo-Skeletons New science and technology allows people without chimneys and don’t want gas pipelines running through their walls to have their own fireplace; tanks of ethanol and biofuel allows ‘ethanol fireplaces’ to go freestanding anywhere. CH3CH2OH 'Ethanol' Fireplace The 'Laser' Vacuum And Technology has a base Technology is peaking Just like a nunatak, there is a 'base'
behind everything we see.
When we see a 'wonder' - the real
'base' is behind - but the technology
behind it is --- Huge.
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