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Bulk Transport

No description

Megan Boyer

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Bulk Transport

Bulk Transport
By Puja and Megan

Exocytosis and Endocytosis
Exocytosis- Cell secretes molecules by packaging them in vesicles and fusing vesicles with plasma membrane

Endocytosis- Cell takes in new molecules by forming new vesicles from plasma membrane
Exocytosis- The Process
1. Transport vesicle from Golgi apparatus moves to plasma membrane
2. Vesicle hits plasma membrane
3. Proteins rearrange lipid molecules so vesicle and membrane fuse
4. Vesicle contents spills to the outside
5. Vesicle becomes part of membrane
Exocytosis in Action
Endocytosis-The Process
1. Small area of the membrane sinks into the cell
2. Forms a pocket as it gets deeper
3. Pinches in, makes a vesicle
4. Contains material from outside the cell
Types of Endocytosis


Allows cells to export products

Example: Cells in pancreas secrete insulin into extracellular fluid
Cell wraps a particle in pseudopodia, creating a food vacuole
Vacuole fuses with a lysosome containing enzymes
Particle gets digested
Cell puts extracellular fluid into vesicles
Cell needs the molecules dissolved in the fluids
Nonspecific substance transport
Cells acquire a lot of a certain substance
Ligands bind to receptor sites in the membrane
Receptor proteins cluster in "coated pits"
Each coated pit makes a vesicle containing the ligand molecules
Vesicle enters cell, dumps contents, and becomes part of membrane again
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