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Yellow Star

No description

Laura Cody

on 12 April 2015

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Transcript of Yellow Star

Yellow Star
Jennifer Roy
Syvia, Dora, Papa, Mother, Itka, and Hava. All of these characters are Jewish.

In 1939 the Germans invaded the town of Lodz, Poland, and moved all of the Jews into a ghetto. There was not a lot of food and winters were harsh. Syvia and her family were one of the many who got moved there. Families get sent on trains to go to a "better" place. Once people in the Ghetto realize where the trains were really going to concentration camps and death camps, everyone tries to escape. The Nazis invade and take all the children, or so they thought. A few of the families had decided to hide their children. At the beginning of the war 270,000 people lived in the ghetto, only 800 survived. Out of all those people there were only 12 children. Was Syvia one of them? Read Yellow Star to find out.
I would recommend this book to boys and girls grades fifth and up
stunning, heart breaking,
cliff hanger, unforgettable,
and touching.
" A stunning, poetic recreation of a life lived within the horror that was the Holocaust."
- Jane Yolen author of The Devils arithmatic and Briar Rose
" In vivid free verse, Jennifer Roy tells a story of hope and courage as gripping as Schinder's List."
- Eric E. Kimmel author of Gershon's Monster
" Beautifully told and unforgettable, Yellow Star reminds us that hope and innocence cand shine through the darkest tragedy."
- David Lubar author of Sleeping Freshmen never lie and Dunk
Prezi by: Katie Teel
Genre: Fiction
The Lodz Ghetto
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