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My Future Project

No description

Katelyn Saia

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of My Future Project

Job Title and Description
My job title is portrait photographer. This means that I take pictures of individuals and groups of people, usually for weddings and school photos.
My Future Project
Katelyn Saia

My Qualifications
I was hired by Millyard Studios because I have taken photography classes and had a portfolio that they liked. I started out as an assistant for another photographer who worked at the studio, which I gained experience from.
Required Education
The education required to be a portrait photographer is a Bachelor's degree in a related field. I got my education for this job at UNH in Manchester.
My salary is about $13.70 an hour.
Future Outlook
The demand for my job is growing for people who are qualified and posess certain skills. The amount of growth for my job is about 5,900 people.
My Job
I work as a photographer at Millyard Studios in Manchester NH. Millyard Studios is a photography studio that creates photographs in a positive perspective ranging from wedding photos, to family portraits.
My Home
My home is in Manchester, NH. I live in a two-bedroom apartment downtown for about $1200. I like this location because it's close to the studio and it's close to a lot od things.
I am married. We don't have kids yet, but we do have a cat. This is nice because we both are just starting out with our careers.
I'm not really involved in the community right now, but I want to be in the future.
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