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WJEC Religious Expression

No description

V Dunne

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of WJEC Religious Expression

Religious Expression Pilgrimage Also; the benefits and disadvantages of worshiping in special buildings.
Whether the tradition or the belief is more important.
How sharing faith can help raise awareness and create harmony. You need to know...

How places of worship and pilgrimage express their faith.
Symbolism of places of worship and the rules within them. Ways faith can be expressed

Through actions to others /Through Pilgrimage
Worshipping in the home/private worship /Through symbolism and art
Worshipping in religious buildings/community worship/ Through what is worn/symbols & clothing
Through sharing faith with others/missionary work How do religious charities or organisations express their faith?
Salvation Army
Supports homeless, poor an those in need
Based on Bible & actions of Jesus
Team of outreach workers support homeless on the streets of towns & cities Build up relationships with homeless & offer advice and support
Organise drop-in centres where can get food & warmth

Islamic Relief
Supports poorest in world
Long & short term aid Support children who have been orphaned – orphan sponsorship
Health programmes – make people aware of AIDS Education for those who are too poor to go to school
Ensure people paid fair price for their work
Demonstrates ummah (Muslim community) Explain why some Christians consider it important to visit Lourdes?
• To witness for themselves where the Virgin Mary appeared in a vision to St Bernadette.
• To bathe in the spring water which is said to have healing powers.
• To assist with the ill people on the pilgrimage.
• To feel God’s presence.
• Sense of community with other Christians.
• To develop spiritually

Hajj for Muslims
Mecca At least once during lifetime
One of 5 pillars
Wear ihram – show all equal
Walk round Kabah 7 times
Run between 2 mountains (Hagar and her son, Ishmail, were left in the desert without water. Hagar was searching for water for her son. The story says that Ishmail dug his heels into the sand and a spring of water gushed forth.)
Mina – throw stones at 3 pillars which represent devil Men shave their hair
Animal sacrificed Key words Community: A group of people with something in common. (Fellowship). Evangelism: The ways and means some people spread their religion. Identity: Personality or character. The way a person sees themselves. Sacred: Something separate or special, dedicated to God. Pilgrimage: A special journey for religious or spiritual purposes. Faith: A strong belief or trust in a supernatural power. Why do people worship in special buildings? Does it matter if the reason for the place being sacred are true or not? Can pilgrimage help a person's spiritual growth? Mission: Act of going out and spreading your faith Conversion: Change from one religion to another or no religion to a religion

Features of a church Font – holds water for baptism
Pulpit – where sermon is given
Lectern – where Bible is read from
Pew – where people sit
Altar – where holy communion takes place
Stained glass window – tells
Bible stories Pew – where people sit
Choir stalls – where choir sits
Nave – main part of church where congregation sits

Features of a mosque
Minaret – where call to prayer (adhan) is given
Prayer mats Wudu area – to wash before prayer
No seats. People sit on floor
Mihrab – shows direction of Mecca
Minbar – raised platform where imam leads prayers
Women’s gallery – where women sit Why worship in special buildings?
Has feeling of holiness/sacred
Silence/open space
Pictures/music help people to pray/worship
Artefacts can help Community spirit /All equal there
Been going since a child, feel at home No pictures. Usually calligraphy Shelves for shoes – as they have to be removed Explain the value of pilgrimage for many religious believers?
To see for yourself where religious actions happened.
To feel the sense of ummah or community
To fulfil a religious duty
• Some religions have an expectation to tell other people about their faith.
• This could be giving out tracts. (leaflets about the religion)
• There may be special evangelical services.
• People could go door to door in a neighbourhood.
• Individuals could tell their families & neighbours about their faith.
• People could invite their families & neighbours to join them at events at their place of worship. Ways of sharing faith with others

Collective worship in schools/Council of faith in cities Working together after disaster or tragedy /Prison visiting Christianity “I am the way, the truth and the life; no one goes to the Father except by me.” “Go forth and make disciples of all nations.”
Only people who follow Jesus’ teachings will go to heaven Therefore duty to convert people

Islam Believe everybody is born a Muslim but some parents choose to bring their children up in another religion.
Qur’an – only Muslims will go to Paradise Therefore duty to convert others...But nobody is to be forced into converting to Islam Fish sign – ICHTUS – used to be secret symbol to show a person is a Christian
Crucifix – represents crucifixion of Jesus Vestments – shows ceremony in church service is special
Hijab – shows someone is a Muslim, helps keep purity Expressing faith through what is worn
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