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The pursuit of Happyness

No description

Matthew Heagle

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of The pursuit of Happyness

The Pursuit of Happyness

Biological and physiological needs
During the course of the movie we are witness to the struggle to meet the most basic human needs. These are our Biological and physiological needs. Without these, we are unable to attain any other stage of the Pyramid.
Belongingness and love needs:
Insitibility amongst this stage of Masolow's Hierarchy of Needs is evident in many parts of the film. At this stage of the pyramid we are witness to humanity's need for love and belonging amongst others.

First off, a good example of vulnerability in the film can be found when his wife decided to leave because Chris could no longer support their needs because his business was not successful. He was then left with the fact his wife left him and he had to raise his child alone. Both very hard to handle!

Self Esteem
Self esteem is the evaluation of one's own self worth. During the Film we see many instances were Chris's self esteem is utterly destroyed. However, in spite on the tragic events he had gone through, he always found a way to keep going.
Throughout the movie ``The Pursuit of Happyness`` We are witness to intense periods of struggle for our utmost basic needs. During the film we witness the endeavor to satisfy the need for safety, our biological needs, and our needs for belonging and love. The ''Pursuit of Happyness'' truly embodies the fight many people on the streets have to under go everyday. We are extremely lucky not to have to face such conditions. We are also taught that we should never give up on our dreams, no matter the odds, ''You got a dream... You gotta protect it. People can't do somethin' themselves, they wanna tell you you can't do it. If you want somethin', go get it. Period.'' -Will Smith, ''The Pursuit of Happyness''
The Pursuit of Happyness
And Maslow`s Hierarchy of Needs

An excellent example of the lack of our most important needs can be found multiple times during the movie, most notably when Chris Gardner and Son (Chris Jr.) are kicked out of their Motel room without food or water, nothing but their belongings and are forced to sleep on the streets without adequate resources.
Another good example of the lack of shelter viewed in the movie can be related back to the time when him and his wife are late on their payments and will soon be kicked out, this results in his wife leaving him for a better Job somewhere else, abandoning Chris and her Son, This results in greater pressure on Chris to support his son single handily, this results in Chris Struggling to give his son the most basic needs of food, water, sleep etc.

Finally, to symbolize his disparity and utter hopelessness to provide him and his son the necessities for survival, i have chosen to the moment when they take refuge in the shelter. This symbolize the end of the road, he has hit rock bottom and can no longer support himself or his son in any way and must seek intervention to help him out. This means that he will not rely on the community for food, water, etc, he cannot do it himself. Moreover, he manages to find a home that doesn't cost money so that he can focus on his son in daycare and the internship at the firm.
Lastly, Chris Jr's relationship with his dad is the most important of all. Here we see a young boy depending on his father for everything, not only to provide him his basic needs but also to love him when all hope seems lost. Chris Jr also distracts his dad from some of the pain he is facing over the course of the movie.
Moreover, Chris's wife did not feel as if he could support her, therefore she also had to make a decision that would alter the course of the movie. It was not easy for her to leave, to leave everything she loved behind. Even though she was no longer relevant to the plot, she destroyed the sense of family and Chris's relationship with her. This event sets everything into motion, for the worse.
First off, while working on his internship in the company, Chris attempted to skip a few steps in his work and attempt to sign on the Pension Fund CEO, Walter Ribbon. However, his idea did not succeed and was left with time wasted, and poor self esteem. It was then when things turned bleak for Chris, however he did not give up just yet.

In addition, Chris rarely ever carried around negative self esteem, he always attempted to see the positive out of every situation. A situation such as this can be related back to the time he got hit by a car while running after the hippie who stole his bone density scanner. He did not give up and eventually he got it back.

Finally, the most important achievement of all in the movie, was when Chris Gardner had finally, after all his hard work, determination, persistence and perseverance had managed to obtain the job he had been working so hard for, and later on became a multimillionaire. Thus taking him and his son off the streets.
To self
Unit One
I Personally do not have a lot in common with Chris Gardner, we both come from two completely different lives with different challenges and responsibilities. It is because of this; our lives can not be related in many ways. However, I believe we share a couple common characteristics. Chris never gave up, even when things were at their bleakest, he did not give in. He showed devotion, perseverance, and courage throughout the film and his life in general. He worked for his dream and let nothing get in the way of it. He was truly devoted to what he loved, and I believe i share that same love for my dreams. Once i have a goal there is no stopping me. This movie has also made me think, and put into perspective everything i take for granted like shelter, food, water, safety and the love of family.
Throughout the movie we witness Chris going through many transitions, we are also witness to him going through the eleven developmental tasks. For example, The most dramatic transition seen in the movie, was the transition from poor and living in a shelter, to having a job at a fortune 500 company. This transition was major, not only did Chris get off the streets, but he now had a job where he could fully support his son and himself. They would no longer have to live on the streets and go hungry, but would have excess, something that they have never experienced before. Moreover, during the movie Chris gained a sense of Identity, he renewed himself by learning a new career at the company, and made a loving commitment to his son, he promised him that things would get better... Chris kept his promise.

Chris Gardner's life was not easy, by any means. He has gone through more than some of us will ever go through in our entire lives, however there is still a lot to learn from this incredible man. We learn about a story of determination and courage and of love. The most important thing to take away from this movie is that we can never give up, no matter how hard it gets, it will always get better.
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