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MovieTalk - 4th - 12th Grade

No description

Kalee Rump

on 25 January 2018

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Transcript of MovieTalk - 4th - 12th Grade

Let's Movietalk!
Sra. kalee Rump y Sra. Yaz waters
What is a movietalk?
Created by Ashley Hastings, MovieTalk is the comprehensible narration of a short, engaging video clip using a broad range of vocabulary.

World language teachers may use these videos to create a constant stream of comprehensible input for language learners.

Video Guidelines
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com
The Comprehensible Classroom: http://martinabex.com/teacher-training/movietalk/
Global Language Education Services: http://glesismore.com/movietalk/preview.html
Alike Last: https://tprsmovietalk.wordpress.com/
preparing for a movietalk!
Now, Let's movietalk!
Video clip SHOULD BE:
Brief OR a short segment of a longer film
Suggestion: no longer than five minutes
Visually stimulating/ engaging to students, with little dialogue
Suggestion: Preferably use a video featuring music, no dialogue
Fairly obvious when it comes to the ‘plot’.
Suggestion: View the film in silent mode to determine 'plot'

MovieTalks should NOT be used to intro new concepts or structures.

¿Sí o no?

post viewing activities
WHILE Viewing activity: Oral story creation
Step one:
Step two:
step three:

Select an appropriate short clip/commercial/cartoon/video
Familiarize yourself with the movie
Prepare pre-viewing, while viewing & post viewing activities
Step one
Get to know the movie
pre-viewing activities
post viewing activities
*Watch video in FULL ahead of using in class to become familiar with the 'plot'
*Consider themes & cross curricular connections
*Select key vocabulary & target structures to focus on
*Plan a rough script for the teacher to accompany video.
*Practice your MovieTalk in advance, pausing the clip as your script directs

-Make predictions using questions, text or images
-Pre-teach meaning of important vocabulary through images or gestures
-Introduce the characters, ask questions throughout narration
-Teacher narrates the plot, TPRS Circling Questions Technique to clarify meaning of story, personalize characters
Interpretive: True/False statements about story line
Presentational: Students create their own statements or questions
hook your students!
communicative Tasks
Bryan Kandel: http://bryankandeltprs.com/category/movie-talk/

Cynthia Hitz: https://www.pinterest.com/srahitz/videos-for-spanish-class/
-Brainstorm the plot with an image from video or a word cloud
-Complete a K-W-L Chart
-Present five words from the video and have students create one sentence using all words.
-Create an in class tweet (140 characters or less!) to predict the ending
-Brainstorm words from one single vocab word that is pre-taught
Presentational/Interpersonal: Use a graphic organizer to write beginning, middle, end
*Interpersonal- alternate sharing with a partner your ideas
Interpretive: Use websites likes Playposit or Zaption to embed oral or written questions into a movie.
Presentational: Print images from video, have students conduct a gallery walk where they visit each picture and write comments / using images, have students do an oral re-tell
-Tweet comments as they watch or ask questions (create a unique classroom hashtag)
-Students make "connections" to movie using Stop & Jot, sticky notes
Presentational/Interpersonal: Allow students to create their own questions
about the clip and ask one another
-Teacher narrates movie, students make predictions
Using Playposit (aka Educanon) to embed written or oral questions*
Interpretative/ Presentational: Rewrite their recall of the story in TL. Then share with a partner
Presentational: Draw a comic with your favorite scene
Interpretative: Create a parallel story/character

-Gauge comprehension through simple yes/ no questions.
Websites like edpuzzle, zaption, blubbr.tv or educanon allow you to embed questions into videos.
Presentational: Using images or ppt, have students record themselves re-telling the film/re-tell in writing~change the ending!
Presentation URL:
Sra. Kalee Rump: Newark High School
Sra. Yaz Waters: Las Américas ASPIRA Academy
Another neat way to assess students!
Try using a game-like response system like Quizbean, Quizizz, Kahoot or Socrative!
We need 4 willing "estudiantes"

Key Structures
él quiere
he wants
él intenta
he tries
él no puede
he is not able

Pre Viewing Activity
Hashtag Prediction

While Viewing Activity
Q and A, Circling Questions with Personalization

Post Viewing Activity - Gallery Walk
Leave a Comment in Spanish
Mike Coxon: http://optimizingimmersion.com/category/movietalk/
communicative Tasks
4th - 12th are "movietalking"!
Useful for WL acquisition due to high engagement of learners
Teacher's narration MUST be comprehensible to the students
High entertainment factor leads to student mastery of target structures/ content recall.
How can MovieTAlk Support Common Core?

for more visit martinabex.com

Sra. Kalee Rump: Newark High School
Sra. Yaz Waters: Las Américas ASPIRA Academy
Presentation URL:
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