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Process Mapping

No description

Sarah Shields

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Process Mapping

Process Mapping
A series of steps to
achieve a specific goal.
The main goal of process mapping is to "see" the process.
"You don't learn to process map, you process map to learn."

- Dr. Myron Tribus
A Process is...
A Process Map is...
A pictorial representation of the process.
How to make a Process Map
Document Processes
Identify Complexities in Processes
Different Shapes Have
Different Meanings
Sarah Shields
Common Shapes
Start or End of Map
Activity or Action
Step 1
Interview key players and read relevant documents to understand the process textually.
Step 2
Identify each step in the process
Step 3
Assign an action to each step and combine steps in a map.
Step 4
Revise, revise revise!
Process Mapping Tips
Remember it's dynamic.
- Things will come up you must add.
- Use pencils with erasers.
- Don't be afraid to change your work
- Just assume you will need to change it as you realize things.
Microsoft Visio
- Has a program for making process maps
- Very simple and very intuitive.
Post-It Notes
- Are able to move around steps before finalizing maps.
Be Brief
- Do not make each step longer than a few words.
- Remember that the end goal is to improve the process. By dividing each action into as many steps as possible, it will be easier to eliminate waste.
Get Feedback
- Have someone else look over your map.
- They will point out areas that are not as clear as they need to be.
- Remember that not everybody thinks the way you do.
- Like in most reports/project/papers, feedback improves your process map.
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