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John Adams

No description

Amelia Martin

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of John Adams

We are taking notes on John Adams Today, Please come in and prepare you desk with a pen or pencil and some paper
Alien and Sedition Acts
President Adams wanted to avoid war with France.
Fall of 1797, he sent a delegation to Paris to try to resolve the dispute.
The XYZ Affair
One of Massachusetts’s most active patriots
Ambassador to France
Negotiated the Treaty of Paris that ended the Revolution
Served 2 terms as Vice President under Washington.
Who is John Adams?
This made Adams look bad to the American people and lost the re-election to Thomas Jefferson.
Domestic and Foreign Affairs
President Adams didn’t want to rush into war with France.
He again wanted peace with France.
In 1800, France agreed to the treaty and stopped attacking American ships.
Domestic and Foreign Affairs
The Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions:
Claimed that the Alien and Sedition Acts were unconstitutional.
Suggested that states could nullify federal laws considered unconstitutional.
Affirmed states’ rights.
Domestic and Foreign Affairs
Americans became more suspicious of aliens.
Aliens-people living in the country who are not citizens.
Sedition refers to the activities aimed at weakening established government.
Alien and Sedition Acts
The French sent 3 agents who demanded a bribe and a loan for France from the Americans.
Americans were outraged about continuing peace with France
The XYZ Affair
French viewed Jay’s Treaty as an attempt to help the British in their war with France.
To punish the United States, the French captured American ships that carried cargo to Britain.
The XYZ Affair
A treaty with Britain to settle debts before 1776.
British removed their troops from the Ohio River Valley
British had to pay damages for ships they had seized.
The British allowed trade with the British colonies in the Caribbean.
President John Adams
Jay's Treaty
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