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Lizbeth Monrroy

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Summary

First crossing is a book that has lots of stories about teenage teens. These are teenage immigrants. Not all immigrants are from Mexico. Immigrants are people from different countries coming to another to a foreign country. they can also be called newcomers.
They don't mean it is a story written by Lensey Namioka. Mary tries to explain that her parents don't like bragging so they contradict them selves. Kim, Mary's best friend tries to contradict her parents. Mary explains it can never be done to a parent because that is being disrespectful.Kim didn't understand that part.
Make Maddie Mad is a story written by Rita Williams-Garcia. A Dominican Girl who speaks Creole. Maddie is one of the worst of her friends. She works at a restaurant with her mother. Maddie has a father who is a doctor. Maddie knows a little Creole but the Dominican girl doesn't know. A soccer team comes every day when they have a soccer game. One of the team mates insult Maddie. She gets really mad.
By: Lizbeth

First Crossing
It can be hard to be a teenager but fitting in with others is harder. To make things worse in a different country. Every day teen immigrants arrive to the United States of America. One of the ten stories is about a Russian girl named Maya whose brother gets in trouble for fighting with a men boy who teased him. In my other slides I will summarize one story from each section. My favorite chaperone is my favorite.
My Favorite chaperone is written by Jean Davies Okimoto.The main character is Maya Alazova. Maya is in the U.S. because of her aunt Madina. Madina wanted to find a husband so she sent her Photo to a dating magazine. Madian wanted to bring all her family to the U.S. Maya makes new friends in America. Her brother get in trouble for fighting with a boy who teased him a lot. Maya has to skip her gymnastics meet because of her brother. Her brother thanks Maya for nto telling her dad the punishment he should get. Now Maya gets in trouble for playing around with American boys. Next her mother hurts her ankle and she can not walk fro at least one month. Mer parents are still mad at her for playign with American boys. Her brother convinces her parents to let Maya go but her brother has to go as a chaperone.
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