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A Long Walk To Water

No description

chloe jones

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of A Long Walk To Water


Figurative Language
"Overhead, a jet plane veered away like a sleek evil bird."(p.8)-This means the jet moved quickly and was very dangerous.
"He sighed, and Salva heard the sigh all the way to his heart."(p.29)-This means Salva felt bad for Marial and understood what he was going through because he was going through it himself.
"A cold fist seemed to grip his heart."(p.39)-This means that Salva was very sad when Marial died.
Point of View
The entire story is told in third person ,but it switches from Salva's story to Nya's story throughout the entire book.
The point of view in this book shows a person Salva and Nya's personalities without their own opinions of themselves getting in the way. It also shows how truly difficult their hardships were. The point of view shaped the characters in MY mind by showing how anyone else would have seen them.
The main place where the story is set place in is in the blistering heat of Southeren Sudan.
Villages-Southern Sudan(Africa)
Desert-Southern Sudan(Africa)
City-Rochester,New York (America)
By: Linda Sue Park
Presentation By: Chloe Jones
The main protagonist is Salva.
Salva is a Dinka (African Tribe) boy. He lived with his family until his villiage was attacked by northern Sudan. Throughout most of the years of his life he wandered from refuge camp to refuge camp before he was one of the selected few who were chosen to go to America.
Nya- (She is also featured as a main character. But she isn't featured very much.)Nya is a young Nuer girl who travels every single day to the pond and back to fetch water for her family. A round trip takes an entire day. Her sister had gotten ill from the unclean pond water ,so Nya and her family are greatful to the organization who built the well in their villiage.
Dinka Marks
Nuer Marks
Salva Dut
Thanks For Watching!!!
Characters Continued...
Uncle Jewiir-Uncle Jewiir is Salva's uncle.(Salva's father's younger brother) He is also Dinka. Uncle Jewiir takes care of Salva in the desert after the shooting in Salva's village. Uncle Jewiir was a warm, caring, gaurdian to Salva. He was in the military ,and was one of the few men that had a gun.
Marial-Marial was a good friend to Salva after he lost his family. Salva made friends with him easily. They were the same age, same height, and walked the same speed. It was easier to walk with Marial to distract him from the challenge of crossing the harsh landscape.
Uncle Jewiir was my favorite character because he took care of Salva and protected him from danger and the reality that Salva would probably never see his family again. He took Salva under his wing. He even protected Marial.
Salva's Setting
Nya's Setting
During Salva's youth he lived in a little village in Southern Sudan. He went to school ,and played with the other children.
Inciting Incident
There is gunfire in Salva's village ,and Salva's school teacher commands him and the other students to run from the attack.
Rising Action
Salva roams around deserts, Ethiopia, and wanders from one refuge camp to another. In one of these camps, he meets Michael. Michael is an aid worker from Ireland. He teaches Salva tp read English and play volleyball.
Salva is one of the selected few who gets invited to America.
Falling Action
Salva goes to college in America. He remembers the problem with the water in Sudan. He starts his project to provide fresh water to the people of Southern Sudan. He makes many wells for the Dinka tribe.
He makes the first well he has made for the Nuer tribe.(Even though he was Dinka ,and they were supposed to be enemies.) He meets Nya.
This book doesn't have much of a denouement. You mainly infer from the life of Salva Dut that he kept on building wells and providing fresh water throughout Sudan. You also infer that Nya and her siblings finally got to go to school.
"Next year there would be a marketplace where villagers could sell and buy vegetables and chickens and other goods. There was even talk of a clinic- a medical clinic...It was the well that was bringing the village all these good things."(p.113)
This is my favorite quote from the book because it shows that one act of goodness sets off a chain reaction of wonderful things. It makes people excited to help.
The message of this story is the world is full of many problems. Each one is terrible in its own way, but you can only fix them one at a time. You have to work them out step by step.
These are pictures of Salva Dut's actual orginization for water in Sudan.
His Poster
Salva Dut
Building a well
His Ad
A new well
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