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Common Core Standards

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Casey Brinker

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Common Core Standards

Common Core
It will make comparing standardized tests more accurately from state to state

States will save money on creating and scoring tests

Teachers will be able to track students progress through out the year

It will be easier for kids that move from state to state to stay on track

The standards are internationally bench marked which means they will compete favorably with other countries

It also provides the opportunity for meaningful professional development as the education community is all on the same page
What is the Common Core?
The Common Core is "a set of clear college-and career-ready standards for K-12th grade in English language arts/literacy and mathematics." developed by state education chiefs and governors from 48 states.
Educational standards are the learning goals that students are expected to know and be able to do at each grade level.
43 states have voluntarily adopted the standards
The transition to the common core standards will be difficult for both teachers and students

Likely cause many outstanding teachers and administrators to pursue other career options

Many veteran teachers will retire rather than adjust the way they teach

Pre-Kindergarten will be more important, and skills students used to learn in second grade will need to be taught in Kindergarten

There will be no modified test for the Common Core Standards, children with specials needs will be effected
What are the Standards?
1. Clear and evidence based
2. Clear, understandable, and consistant
3. Aligned with college and career expectations
4. Based on rigourous content and the application of knowledge through high-order thinking
5. Built upon the strength and lessons of current state standards
6. Informed by other top-performing countries to prepare all students for success in our global economy and society
Common Core Number Bonds
Students Perspectives
Positive Outlook

Students Perspectives
Negative Outlook
Some believe they are looked at as "just a test score" not a person

"The president essentially bribed states into implementation via ‘Race to the Top,’ offering $4.35 billion taxpayer dollars to participating states, $500 million of which went to Tennessee, And much like No Child Left Behind, the program promises national testing and a one-size-fits-all education." - Ethan Young

Can only see the score, not the test and what did they did wrong - how do we know if it the score is true? How will this help them learn what they are doing wrong?

Feel that they are being taught to pass the test not to help their future

"Learning isn’t supposed to constitute completing a checklist. Even if the standards are good — and it’s very important that we be able to solve algebraic equations and analyze different aspects of literature — going to school should not be the same as buying groceries. Learning is about more than filling the cart with brand-name skill sets and Core-approved information; it is about understanding knowledge, comprehending its implications and applying them to the real world. We should learn because learning is important in and of itself, not because we need to meet standards imposed upon teachers from afar and by coercion.
Everyone is being tested on the same material no matter what teacher you have or what school you go to which makes things more fair.

You know what is expected and what you are going to be tested on

Some believe that the curriculum is helping them prepare for college
It provides admirable goals to try and reach

Many students believe that it is competitive which will help them in the real world where it is also very competitive
62% oppose standards in PDK/Gallup poll
Forms gap between parents and children
Makes simplified problems complicated with many steps
Homework has brought children to tears
In Sioux Falls, South Dakota, homeschooling has doubled
Questionable reading choices-"The Bluest Eyes"
Parents unable to help children due to jobs
Places expectations on every grade level
Testing will help kids reach higher levels of thinking
Reports can indicate child's strengths/weaknesses
Kids will learn to think critically
Be prepared for college and careers after high school
Won't have to worry about child not being challenged
Sherri: "Common core is the only way for children in every state to have an equal chance of success in life."
By: Carolyn Darr, Carolyn Seltzer, Casey Brinker, Briana D'Esposito, Maddy Parker
Parent Perspective
What does a teacher think ?
Guidelines are strict
lack of creativity , lack of control of their own classroom
need them but each year is a different set of students, does not allow to alter your teaching for different groups of students
example : Math they make many ways to figure it out and some kids cannot do it that specific way and fail
Implementation in all grades at once has been a problem
if in 5th grade you need to know the standards are for 4th grade to progress , but they never had a chance to learn them
needs to be gradually implemented not all at once because the standards are challenging
expect all kids to perform at the same level , each class room is heterogeneous which creates a problem , created worry for the student lagging behind
"Student populations are not spread evenly among teachers. Some students will have learning disabilities and some will have familial and environmental factors that do not allow them to progress at the same rate as others. If I have to be so concerned about a test score, I cannot address the needs of individual students." -elementary school teacher SC
linking teacher evaluation to the students performance
"teaching to a test "
teaching to the test takes time away from teaching , and also the length of time it took to take the test
took 3 weeks to complete the CMT testing
Does the Common Core set us up to be a dummy or set us up for success ?
What does a teacher think ?
creating more consistency and clarity of what is expected of a student among states
"Regardless of what state an American child lives in, he or she will be held to the same standards and be offered the same opportunities to learn," says ,middle school teacher in Texas
people move state to state
student can pick up right where they left off
it is revitalizing curriculum
“I do think [Common Core] is asking folks to take a fresh look at documents,” he says. “Curriculum should be alive. I think that is good!”
made states comparable
in CT they feel that the Common Core has raised the standards and now can be compared to other states
due to the standards being challenging it will create an increased level of achieving for kids and are being enriched
raising expectations for students is positive for all students
ensures quality of educational opportunity
college and career ready
Important Facts
The people who came up with the common core had little classroom experience
came on quick, which made it difficult for everyone ( students and teachers ) overwhelming
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