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Bilingualism in media

No description

stephanie ward

on 24 November 2012

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Transcript of Bilingualism in media

Bilingualism in TV Bilingualism in Films Bilingualism In the News Dwyieithrwydd Yn y Newyddion Bilingualism in Sport Bilingualism In Jobs introduction Bilingualism in media By Charlotte and Steph Dwyieithrwydd yn y teledu Dwyieithrwydd yn y ffilmiau Dwyieithrwydd Mewn Swyddi Dwyieithrwydd mewn Chwaraeon Dwyieithrwydd yn y cyfryngau Welsh television channel attracts 'no viewers' for 200 shows A Welsh television channel funded by public money showed nearly 200 programmes which were watched by nobody in the last month, according to official figures.
Audiences for many programmes on S4C, Channel 4 for Wales, were so low that they failed to register.
S4C, which gets more than £100m of subsidy from taxpayers, officially attracted zero viewers on 196 out of its 890 programmes.
A zero rating means that the 196 shows were watched by fewer than 1,000 people. There are only 19 welsh Language Films compared to thousands of English films. .The first Welsh Language film was broadcasted in 1930 whilst the first english film was realised in 1895.
.Hedd wyn is the most famous Welsh film which was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards but, no welsh film has ever won an award There arent many know or reconised Welsh Athletes in the sporting world compared to English athletes.
.Jade Jones Is an Gold medelist in the Summer Olympics who is not as famous as Rebecca Addleton cyflwyno http://www.walesonline.co.uk
This is the welsh news but it is in English and doesn't have an option to change to welsh.
The media in Wales provides services in both English and Welsh, and plays a role in modern Welsh culture. BBC Wales broadcasts since the 1930s have helped to promote a form of standardised spoken Welsh, and one historian has argued that the concept of Wales as a single national entity owes much to modern broadcasting. The national broadcasters are based in the capital, Cardiff. Today we are discussing Bilingualism in films, TV, jobs, sport and general media. We have decided to focus on the welsh language and compare it to English just to show you how useful welsh is in jobs but how unused it is in film and TV compared to English. conclusion casgliad We have came to the conclusion that Billigulism is very important as it opens door to thoses who can speak more than one language, though we also think that Welsh should get used more often as it is our home language and it could possibley garenty us a better job if we remaind in walse in the future. Thank you for listening
Diolch am wrando http://www.bbc.co.uk/voices/multilingual/welsh.shtml
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