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How Dynamite changed history ?

By: Tanner Stuart

Tanner Stuart

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of How Dynamite changed history ?

By: Tanner Stuart History of dynamite? Dynamite was invented by Alfred Noble, in 1863, it was used for mining, the civil war, world war 1, world war 2, It is still used for construction work. Dynamite has a great effect on history. It cleared out areas for roads to, If dynamite were not invented the industry would not be strong, because roads could not get cleared out, We would not be as rich because mining would've took longer, Buildings couldn't get built. It also helped us on the battlefield to clear out trenches and destroy enemy tanks and buildings. Dynamite has brought the country a long ways. people surfs in lakes with dynamite. In the war it cleared out woods and trenches. clearing mountains to make tunnels. ++++++++,----------
The positive effects are that it helped develop buildings and roads. negatives are that if not careful can blow a whole building down or a whole group of people, it is very dangerous. How it effects on.....

It effected the economy by sales going from use of farmers and construction it helped the economy, It was not very good for the environment because it destroyed ecosystems, didn't really effect culture, some people wanted to get it banned when others had a great use for it, It helped society form.
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