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Welcome to the 8th Grade Science PD

No description

Teika Clavell

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Welcome to the 8th Grade Science PD

Welcome to the 8th Grade Science PD
Practical Application Demonstration.
Science as Inquiry
• Energy Debate Project
• Lab: A Date with a Fossil Record
-Please clear your areas for this activity. You will not need laptops; however, you will need one person with a writing utensil.
1. Introductions/ Agenda

2. SchoolNet: An amazing tool for assessments and lessons. - How to session.

3. Web 2.0: Something you use and didn't know it. - Exploration session.

4. Science as Inquiry: Hands on activities for your classroom. - "Share & Do" session

5. Closing Thoughts: Reminder and well wishes.
Please tell us who you are, where you teach, and where in the curriculum you currently are.
This is where it's at.
Log into PowerSchool.
Have something to share?
What is something you are doing that "just worked" with your students?
Closing Thoughts
Thank you for coming and your participation. Have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas. Remember to share your lessons on Edmodo.
Click to assess "How To" Document developed by Kathy Cieszlak
Presenters: Kathy Cieszlak & Teika Clavell
Web 2.0
Think, Pair, Share
Question: What Web 2.0 site can you work a lesson from for your classroom?

Pair up with someone.
Look over the Web 2.0 list.
Choose a website that you could use for the Geological and Biological Evolution Unit
* For those that do not use technology directly with their students on the classroom, use the Web 2.0 sites as a way to develop lesson plans without technology.
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