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A Tale of Two Cities Timeline

No description

Daniel Longo

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of A Tale of Two Cities Timeline

Timeline A Tale Of Two Cities: Dr. Manette is released from the bastille 1775 We then meet Monseigneur, he kills a little boy, and Madame Defarge sees it all. 1780 1781 Mannette Mr. Lorry is instructed to meet Lucie ant dover and instruct her that he father is still alive Mr. Lorry is instructed to meet Lucie at Dover to inform her, her father is still alive. Mr. Defarge takes Lucie and Lorry to meet Mannette after 18 years, Cruncher is told to go to the courthouse and wait for instructions from Mr. Lorry Darney is tried at old baileys Darnay later escapes the death penalty. then Darnay and the character Sidney both fall in love with lucie. Darnay asks Manette for Lucies hand in marriage Manette goes into a relapse, because he thinks of losing Lucie.
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