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Electric Sloth

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Micro-financing

Micro-financing Mohammed Yunus Zaza By Ruby Harrison What is Micro-financing? Micro-financing is an online loaning system that
loans to someone who needs to buy something
to get work. Then, once they have money from their work, they give it back to the loaner! Mohammed Yunus made the first known
Micro-finance system. It was started when
he loaned money to women in a village
so they could become employed. Later
he founded the Grameen bank. Zaza is a 30 year old male who lives in Georgia with his wife. They need a loan to make a supermarket, because right now their main source of income is selling eggs. Zaza has been put in a high risk section on Kiva because of low income.
However, I think it's safe to loan to him because he has never received a loan and he might actually be trustworthy. Georgia Geography Georgia has many rivers running all around the country.
Wet air carries from the Black Sea to Georgia, making
the west side hot enough to have tea, tobacco, and
citrus fruits. This makes the east side jealous of the
west so they have civil wars. People living in
Georgia are still trying to rebuild their
homes The new president, Mikheil Saakashvili,
has so far, helped to improve the country. The old president, Zvia Gamsakhurdia,
He was around when war was going
on and he was fired for being a bad,
selfish president. Presidents History Since Georgia has had lots of war, many buildings in
Georgia are smashed and that is why people are
unemployed and need jobs. Population Why I Chose Zaza - Georgia is an interesting country -His name is pretty awesome -the picture of him made his house look like a shack -4.486 million people in Georgia -life expectancy, 77 years Zaza Continued I hope that when this project is funded, Zaza will make a successful business with a catchy name like "Zaza Mart."
I also hope that his Grocery shop will contribute to the
community. Christian Perspective In this study, I have learned that God can be everywhere, even on the internet! I Brought Durian!!! Just kiding... I Brought Paklava THE END
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