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Post WWI Italy

The impact of WWI on Italy

Michael Foggia

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Post WWI Italy

By: Michael Foggia Post WWI Italy Economy Social Mussolini Political Government stressed the negative issues of Treaty of Versailles which lead to the rise of Fascism is Italy.
This helped Benito Mussolini seize power only 4 years after the war.
After Mussolini took power Italy and Germany started to become closer and eventually allies in WWII.
Mussolini wanted to get back all the land controlled by the Roman Empire.
Mussolini was good in the begging, building railroads and providing jobs for the poor and homeless.
Killed all opposing political parties with his personal army called the Blackshirts. Violent protest through out Italy by rapidly growing socialist party.
Suffered more casualties than Britain but less than France.
Large number of crippled soldiers no longer able to sustain themselves.
Woman had to work jobs traditionally done by men.
Many people were jobless and lost their homes. Italy failed to annex Dalmatia

Got rid of a long time enemy, Austria-Hungary

Italy had substantial territorial expansion, annexing Istria, Sudtirol, Trieste, Zara and some Dalmatian Islands

Italy lacked raw materials, a large domestic market and an established trading system, all leading to post-war economic problems, such as a post war recession http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aftermath_of_World_War_I#Italy http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_was_Italy_affected_by_World_War_1_after_it_ended# http://www.worldology.com/Europe/world_war_1_effect.htm http://www.worldology.com/Europe/world_war_1_effect.htm Works Cited http://www.worldology.com/Europe/world_war_1_effect.htm


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