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cara cook

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Beowulf

By seamus Heaney Prologue The Fight With Grendal The Last Survivor's Speech Beowulf's Funeral -Lone Walker
-He kills
-Uses no wepons in battle
-He has no father
-Wont settle the feud King Sheafson Beo When father died Beow put his fathers body on a ship with many treasures. HealfDane Beo's son, Halfdane had inherated the throne Hrothgar Hrothgar became king of danes. Hrothgar decided he would build a mead hall,
the best the world has ever seen. At this mead-hall he would hand out gold and treasures at feasts. No one left but Beowulf While Grendal is wonded,
All of his friends and family are dead What is there left to do now? After his final battle against the dragon, Beowulf recives fatal wounds and dies. The hoard of the dragon is also burried with him The dragons remains are thrown into the ocean just like Beo's father. Many treasures are left for the dead
such as gold cups and weapons. Many sacerfices were made.
Even an animal one
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