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Justin Bieber Alphabet Prezi

It's an alphabet Prezi about Justin Bieber!! :D (DUH)

Farai Jacobs-EL

on 12 May 2012

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Transcript of Justin Bieber Alphabet Prezi

is for Awww... Justin's little siblings are so cute. Jazmyn and Jaxon is for Bieber!! It is his last name after all! And German!! JB in Germany is for Canadian. Justin may have his own Fever, his own hairstyle, and TONS of fans, but he's just a regular Canadian teen. is for Different. Every star is different. Some are actors, some dance, some sing, act, or even eat. Justin is different because he is not afraid to be a Rubix Cube nerd. (He can solve it in about 84 seconds) is for Eccentric. “I'm crazy, I'm nuts. Just the way my brain works. I'm not normal. I think differently — my mind is always racing. I'm just… nuts. But I think the best musicians probably are.”
~ Justin Bieber, 1/4/11 is for Fans. He has not just hundreds, thousands, or millions of fans, but trillions!!! is for Girls. Justin likes girls, he really does. A.K.A NOT GAY!!! I watch Ellen, so that girl's name is Page, and JB surprised her in her home. She went ballistic!! (I was SO jealous.) :_I is for Hot. His name means: Not just physically, but also in the press n' stuff. is for Inspirational. He inspires me to do what I do, be who I am. Just or upright What does his name mean? is for Justin. is for Kissable. Need I say more? is for Lassitude. Do you think Justin gets tired of all the screaming fans/girls, autograph signings, and concerts?...NAH!!! is for Musical genius.
Justin's made over 31 songs, 6 albums, and has over 7,619,368 followers! is for Noteworthy. Justin has done many things for his fans. I could tell you just to watch the Pray music video, but he also cut off his hair so he could auction pieces off, to then give the money to charity. is for Omnipotent. Justin is so powerful, he got a purple carpet instead of a red one for his movie premiers. See? is for Purple loving Popstar. Justin's fave color is purple, he wears it almost everywhere. He has a purple cardigan, hightops, carpet, and probably room. is for Qualified. Justin Bieber (*sigh*) is a qualified hottie. He's the perfect guy. But the info @ the end might change that.
I like JB, but some of the info is a downer. When Justin skateboards, I think it's just radical. B I E B E R (The video starts with "Jimmy",but Justin Shows up ater 30 seconds.) is for Selena. We said yes, they said no. We wanted them to say yes, when we wanted no. Now that they've said yes, they r d8ing, it's been a year. is for Talented. If JB wasn't talented, he wouldn't be famous. Abs!!! :P----- U . . W = ( is for Very cute! Stare at him, darn you, STARE!!!!! J U S T I N J U S T I N By Farai Jacobs-EL B I E B E R A L P H A B E T B O O K A L P H A B E T B O O K By Farai Jacobs-EL is for Wealthy. is for Xenogenic . is for Radical. is for Uhhh... ......... I did this so I could show you some faces. And I didn't feel like looking up words that start w/ U. * * Justin's a famous popstar, why would he NOT be wealthy? He's from Canada. He's foreign. is for Young. Yeah, IK he's almost 18, but he's stiill young @ <3 is for Zazzy. It's an acual word. And it rhymes with Jazzy (his little sister) so it's perfect!! OLD YOUNG This is Bryan Adams. He was a pop star in the old days. Not REALLY old, but old 2 us. Zazzy Jazzy F A R A I J A C O B S - E L P R O D U C T I O N P R O D U C T I O N 2 know more about me, here's the link: http://prezi.com/2thls_xbjx-g/why-farai-is-awesome/ F A R A I J A C O B S - E L A A GASP!
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