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6.01 Circular Flow Diagram: Air Pollution

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Santeria Fields

on 10 November 2012

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Transcript of 6.01 Circular Flow Diagram: Air Pollution

House Hold Government Business Firms Doesn't enforce Environmental laws enough. Laws like Clean Air Act were created to protect our community from air pollution. "The Clean Air Act is the law that defines EPA's responsibilities for protecting and improving the nation's air quality and the stratospheric ozone layer."
Solution: "Public awareness of the health risks of indoor air pollution is also an important factor in change." "As chemicals, heat and waste from the new products go through assembly, they all need to be removed from the factory. Open air vents, smokestacks and chimneys release the pollution from the factory into the air."
Solution: "Shifting from solid fuels to cleaner energy technologies – for instance, liquid petroleum gas (lpg), biogas or solar power generation – can potentially yield the largest reduction in indoor air pollution levels while minimizing environmental impacts of energy production and consumption in general." Indoor air pollution can be just as harmful as outdoor air pollution. Within homes biomass smoke is a very common pollution because it usually comes from stoves, fuel or wood and even coal.
Solution: Improved design of stoves and ventilation systems can reduce indoor air pollution in many communities if fuel distribution networks remain limited or alternative technologies are unavailable. Air Pollution Air pollution is anything such as chemicals or man-made products that harm the air we live in and breathe. This affects our community because air pollution causes many sickness to people, also causes warmth to Earth known as global warming. Many family members of mine and the community all believe that air pollution is very harmful to our generation and contaminating to the community. In my county we have a "Keep Polk County Clean" group where we encourage people to keep our community clean and beautiful. Rest of World Air pollution provides plentiful threats to our environment by harmful chemicals, industrial facilities and vehicles. Air pollution has a very negative affect on health, it causes many diseases like respiratory disease and cancer and lung problems. It also causes negative affect to our climate change. Air pollution causes global warming.
Solution: Using less cars, or car pooling, using public transportation could help and buying hybird cars instead of traditional cars. Also using renewable energy sources like wind, solar and geothermal energy instead of highly polluting fossil fuels like coal and oil. Some air pollutants harm plants and animals directly. Other pollutants harm the habitat, food or water that plants and animals need to survive. Most businesses cause air pollution if they are not run correctly. Businesses like manufactures, dry cleaners, construction, vehicle repairers and farmers. Business that produce air pollution are harming the business themselves because the pollution may make their employees sick and when employees are sick there is no one there to work. Also When employees get sick from air pollution the employees can claim compensation.
Solution: lower insurance premiums through carrying out risk assessments, less risk of machinery being clogged or damaged by dust, and reduced risk of compensation claims from employees and members of the public Factories
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