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Get to know yourself - its all in the genes!

KS4 activity which helps to explain the link between characteristics (phenotypes) and the gene pairs behind them (genotypes).

Sylvia Mawby

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of Get to know yourself - its all in the genes!

Get to know yourself … what’s special about these toes? Dominant genotypes
FF or Ff

Recessive genotype
ff Do you have freckles? Dominant genotypes
EE or Ee

Recessive genotype
ee Is your ear lobe free or attached? Dominant genotypes
TT or Tt

Recessive genotype
tt Can you roll your tongue? Dominant genotypes
DD or Dd

Recessive genotype
dd Dark hair is
dominant. Do you have dark or light hair? Dominant genotypes
TT or Tt

Recessive genotype
tt Is your thumb curved or straight? Dominant genotypes
AA or Aa

Recessive genotype
aa Which arm is on top when you cross them? Dominant genotypes
CC or Cc

Recessive genotype
cc Are your little fingers curved or straight? Dominant genotypes
RR or Rr

Recessive genotype
rr Are you right or left handed? Dominant genotypes
SS or Ss

Recessive genotype
ss Note: Do not take your shoes off to check if you have already had PE today! Is your second toe longer than your big toe? David Bowie has one of each! Dominant genotypes
BB or Bb

Recessive genotype
bb Do you have brown or blue eyes? Phenotype: name It's all in the genes! Genotype: Pair of letters Brown eyes BB or Bb Right handedness is dominant. Free earlobes
are dominant Freckles are
dominant Tongue rolling
is dominant Curved little fingers
are dominant Brown eyes are dominant Right arm on top
is dominant Straight thumbs are dominant Longer second toes
are dominant And finally ...
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