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Napoleon Bonaparte

Fun facts about Napoleon's life

Chrissy Roebke

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte
Sources Cited
Napoleon Bonaparte
Born August 15, 1769
Ajaccio, Corsica, France
Parents: Carlo Buonaparte (lawyer) and Leticia Ramolino
Fourth child (but second to survive)
Napoleon's Early Life
Napoleon and his brother, Joseph, were sent to College d'Autun on January 1, 1779
Military college
Napoleon found it hard to memorize things
His Corsican accent didn't help either
Moved to Brienne when he was 9
Napoleon at College d'Autun
French military school
Napoleon was at the bottom of the social scale at Brienne
Other cadets were cruel to Napoleon
Was Corsican, which the French considered to be the same as "barbarian".
Wore a uniform
Spartan dormitory
Enjoyed gardening
Bad handwriting
Preferred to be by himself
Did well in history, math, and geography
Friends with Louis-Antoine Fauvelet de Bourrienne and some of the teachers
Liked Alexander the Great and Achilles.
Other cadets often wanted his leadership for their snowball fights
Brienne, cont.
After Military School
Father died in 1785
Graduated in one year at the age of 16
Was only 5'2"
His exam scores were not that high - 42nd out of 58
Age 16: Second Lieutenant in Royal Artillery
Many military victories in many parts of Europe
The Military School of Paris
Started October 1784
Studied artillery
1:1 teacher to student ratio
Napoleon liked it a lot more than Brienne
Was one of the top elite
Five-course meals
Best teachers available
Wrote a letter to the Minister of War complaining about the extravagance of the meals
Did well in all classes
Still a loner
Markham, J. David. N.p.. Web. 25 Oct 2013. <http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/napoleon-educating-a-genius.html>.

Napoleon as Emperor
Many plots to kill Napoleon
Crowned himself king on December 2, 1804
Dictator; very controlling
Conquered Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium
Wanted to conquer Great Britain
Built roads and canals in France
Siege of Tulon
Campaign in Egypt
1796 - commander of the Army of Italy
November 1799 - becomes first consul
Created the Bank of France
Napoleonic Code - no privileges based on birth, freedom of religion, and jobs have to be given to the most qualified
Napoleon's Challenges
Napoleon Complex - for short men who seem "overly" agressive
Napoleon was about 5'7", which was considered tall for his day. Most people saw him with his bodyguards, who were very tall, so he looked short.
The French called him "The Little Corporal" (as term of endearment)
He began to be considered short later on in his life.
Was Napoleon Short?
"If you want a thing done well, do it yourself."
“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”
“He who knows how to flatter also knows how to slander.”
“History is written by the winners.”
Quotes from Napoleon
Napoleon's defeat by Prussian fighters (one of the countries in the Quadruple Alliance)
June 18, 1815
25,000 French killed, 9,000 captured
Duke of Wellington
British government made Napoleon be exiled to the island of St. Helena
Exiles and Death
Napoleon was first exiled to Elba when he failed in his invasion of Russia and the British attacked France after surrendering to allied forces
Escaped in March 1815 because he saw that France needed him
Second time: wanted Napoleon II to be on the throne (Napoleon had stepped down from the throne due to gastric cancer), but British government exiled him to St. Helena
Died on St. Helena on May 5, 1821 from gastric cancer
Countries Conquered
Napoleon was a loner and disliked by many in his years at military school
Was made fun of; poor
He wanted Corsican independence because of the way the students at the military academies treated him.
His financial situation when he was younger helped his decisions later on when he was Emperor of France by having equality (for men).
Napoleon and Josephine
Met October 15, 1795
Married on March 9, 1796
They were opposites - she was very calm and submissive, and he was not. She didn't like him at first, either.
Napoleon went off two days after their to help the Italian army
Her previous husband had been guillotined during the Reign of Terror and had 2 children from him
When Napoleon was out of the country, he began to hear rumors that said that Josephine was not being faithful to him.
He at first ignored them, but then sent her a letter with some very rude words.
He wrote a letter to his brother talking about his "conflicting feelings" for Josephine, but the British intercepted and happily published it in their newspaper.
"The veil is torn…It is sad when one and the same heart is torn by such conflicting feelings for one person… I need to be alone. I am tired of grandeur; all my feelings have dried up. I no longer care about my glory. At twenty-nine I have exhausted everything."
This embarassed her, so she hid at Malmaison, but she began to like Napoleon after this.
He divorced her after a while when he could not get a son, and married Marie-Louise of Austria and she gave birth to Napoleon II.
Marie-Louise and Napoleon II
Napoleon made many mistakes as a military leader, husband, and emperor.
He was very impatient, and grew angry very easily.
He had little value for women - "Women are nothing but machines for producing children."
He also excluded women's rights from the Napoleonic Code.
Napoleon's Mistakes
“Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools.”
“You don't reason with intellectuals. You shoot them.”
“He who fears being conquered is sure of defeat.”
He wanted Great Britain (at any cost), even though he could not conquer it.
Joseph Farington stated, " ... I noticed that He picked is nose very much ... " (true quotation)
There are many more mistakes he made (as any leader does).
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