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Personal Learning: Respect

A homework assignment for Personal Learning.

Kavishka Liyanapathirana

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Personal Learning: Respect

In a World with No Respect...
In a world where respect was disregarded, people would argue a lot and would barely have any trust. If respect was disregarded people throughout the world would be selfish and inconsiderable, this is because you have to give respect in order to have it leaving society lost and beyond salvageable. Trust would be an issue and everyone would be independent. Respect is the trait that holds society together.
Personal Learning: Respect
Who we Respect and Not Respect
The people who we most respect is our family, as they have been with us throughout our lives. Furthermore, they care for us and respect us, and in return, we have to care for them and respect them. Other people we respect are our friends, and we do so to show equality between friends and create a strong bond of trust. We respect people who help us as they have gone out of their way to do something for us, which should be acknowledged.

However, not all people are the same, and these are people who we do not respect. For example, we do not respect rude people as they do not give respect to us. We also do not respect liars as people cannot trust them. Self-centered people add to the examples of people who we do not respect as they do not care for us enough to respect us.
Top 5 Most and Least Respected People
Respect at DHS is crucial for a student's education. Without respect, DHS would lose its main purpose, learning. No respect can be shown by not wearing the proper school uniform, handing in assignments late and not doing your assigned work. Littering is also a huge sign if disrespect. As it shows that you do not care for what the school looks like as well as the environment. Some students are rude to teachers and they do not respect their learning space by vandalizing and not cleaning after the mess they make. These are some of the major ways students do not show respect.
Showing Respect at DHS
Respect is shown at DHS by wearing the right uniform, handing assignments in on time and being thoughtful to others.

Wearing the correct uniform at school shows that we respect the rules. Handing assignments in on time shows respect for the teacher's time. Being thoughtful and kind to others shows them that you respect them and soon they will respect you. Even if you do not like the person you can still respect them.
What is Respect
I believe that there are two types of respect. One type is the common courtesy to others. The other type of respect is more complex. It is how we show admiration or value to another person. This type of respect must be earned and is built on a truth system. Meaning that the respect for each other can collapse if one's respect is built on lies.

The second type of respect can be earned when others starts to appreciate a person for their character, wisdom, contribution or abilities. Once respect has been earned, the person will be treated with dignity by the person who respects him or her. This shows the person his or her value to the person who respects him or her.
No Respect at DHS
The top 5 most respected professions are nurses, doctors, farmers, scientists and veterinarians in their respective order. This can be because these people have worked hard in their lives to achieve their jobs or have accomplished something to be proud of.

The top 5 least respected professions are politicians, car salesmen, journalists, advertisers and telemarketers in no particular order. People that are least respected are the ones that may make false claims or cheat to get money or power. Advertisers, car salesmen and telemarketers are similar because they both try to persuade people into buying their products which can be quite annoying.
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