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The Wonderful world of Fossils & Artifacts

Riezel Pusung and Nia Aguinaldo <3

Nia Aguinaldo

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of The Wonderful world of Fossils & Artifacts

By, Riezel and Nia The Wonderful World of
Fossils & Artifacts Let's go on a journey to...
Artifacts Asian Artifacts Asian artifacts are very unique The people who make the special artifacts work really hard and focus on the details Where?
Philippines, Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, What? When? Who? How? Mexican Artifacts What? It's time to learn about.....
Fossils When? Where? Who? How? What? French Artifacts What? American Artifacts When? How? Where? Why? British Artifacts 202 BC and 220 AD Asian Archelogists When? Where? How? Why? Buddahead
have a symbol that means
a certain trait special tools
croche Mexico
Spanish Countries fired-clay over 2,000 yrs old Archeologists most spanish artifacts were from royalty Europe fancy objects Why?
study the backround most made of rock over 1,800,000 yrs ago archeologists found artifacts in caves or historical castles study France's backround France bronze tools most artifacts were Spanish, British, or French 50,000 BC America Natives started noticing weird shapes & objects What? When? How? Why? Who? Where? The Land of Britain mostly made of gold or shiny metal "The Dark Age" archeologists noticed gold from mines, caves, or washed up on the shore tools America didn't have Archeologists What? Asian Fossils Where? Who? How? Why? Asia asian archeologists ancestors of monkeys & apes study monkeys & apes; how humans originated from those animals found some monkey or ape fossils Mexican Fossils Where? What? How? Why? Who? Who? French Fossils What? When? How? Why? Who? American Fossils What? When? How? Why? British Fossils Who? What? Where? When? How? Mexico
Tijuana dinosaur fossils When? 72 million years ago
fossils drew attention to archeologists, later on dinosaurs became extinct no more dinosaurs 30 million years ago archeologists humming bird fossil weird fossils found; drew attention interesting animal fossils found isolated bones
bones from sabertooth tigers Where? North America
New Jersey to California
1600s & the 1700s dinosaur bones & fossils dried up archeologists wanted to study dinosaurs after extinction
American archeologists Mexican archeologists Where? France foreshore is where most fossils are found arheologists washed up from the ocean after dinosaurs seashells or dino fossils
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