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Luffy Serol

on 16 March 2013

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Transcript of RECORD CENTER

Timeline Team 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Transfer of records required the use of a loading bay
protected from the weather and should lead directly to a clean, secure work area
1st - the physical movement and transfer of records are receiving the new consignments of records from agencies.
2nd - issuing the records to agencies on request and receiving returned records from them and the third is about transferring selected records to the archival institutions. Management of records executing and maintaining control and retrieval system procedure which include checking transfer list
do filling lists at the records and keep it I the appropriate place and complete accessions procedure about all the records
do statistical information Introduction HASANA Record Center, has been established in 26 November 2006
to keep all document or materials that must be save in some place that security guaranteed.
keeps all the information each of more general record center for all fast-food organization Location located at Lot 14 Jalan Todak, Seberang Jaya, 13700 Perai, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
close to the creating agencies to transfer and retrieval of records is facilitated. Centralization because the control comes from one location like main registry to controlled the records system and staff, allocated space for the registries and the equipment in our organization. BUDGETING HASANA Record Center Communications and technology MISSION Measures every aspect of our performance to improve our processes of record center.
Providing departments and all the programs with innovative records management services.
To achieve the customer needs and to make our record center well known as best corporation of record management. VISSION Make a good relation with all client’s and fulfill their needs.
Ensuring the security, safety and integrity of our client’s business information.
Make a good system and management in this record.
Always make a good service of record center to our client’s OBJECTIVES To make sure the records is under control and place it in the right position.
To keep, preserve and ensure the safety and management of valuable data.
Improvement of best practice, procedures and guidance for the management of records. Guidance on crating, maintaining and disposing of records. access but also telephone, fax, computer and internet wireless.
provide CCTV and RFID Staffing employees, charged with carrying out the work of an establishment or executing some undertaking.
the selection and training of individuals is for specific job function and charging them with associated responsibilities.
The responsibility for tasks within these groups should be allocated to particular posts Organization Chart Liaison with records agencies
MOHAMAD AZIM B. A'NSORI Director of records Administration
MOHD NASRUL B. MOHD NASIR Records centre manager
MUHAMMAD ASYRAF B. MUSTAFA Internal management
Anis Syamimi binti Mohamad assist the higher officers in archival tasks
appraise records in the records centre
arrange and describe records
preserve records and apply basic
conservation techniques
responsibility in liaison with records agencies disseminates task to lower officers
observes and monitors the progress of othersfocuses on the success of the records centremaintains the functionality of the records centre prepares schedule for the lower officers
responsible for the effective and appropriate management of an organization's records.
prepares paper documentation for transfer processes He is responsible for product marketing activities of our company.
He will plan for future needs and multiple the promotion methods. Security and transport
MOHD HASBUL WAFI B. ABD WAHAB deals with customers who visits the records centre
appraise records in the records centre
arrange and describe records
preserve records and apply basic
conservation technique
responsibility in security and transport Liaison with archives
Nurshafiqa binti Abu Bakar deals with customers who visits the records centre
appraise records in the records centre
arrange and describe records
preserve records and apply basic
conservation techniques
responsibility in liaison with archives Accommodation Transfer of records
Management of records
Storage of records
Reference to records
Facilities for staff
Storage and maitenance of vehicles SERVICE LEVEL retirement of records from current systems
preparation of records for transfer
arrangement and transfer of backlog accumulations of records
provision of reference to records held at the records centre
release and return of records used for reference purposes
destruction of records under the provision of the disposal schedule. LAYOUT OF PROPOSED RECORD CENTER MANAGEMENT OF RECORDS How appraisal process is conducted
Process of transferring records from office to record center
Process of retrieving and using of records
How to administer the records
How to maintain the records [Security of records (custodial)] Storage of records standard record box measures 380 x 250 x 165 mm, and made in one piece with a flap lid inclusive
label each of the boxes with the classification that we were provides.
place it in a proper place where we pace it in shelves and we will provide a ladder in each shelf Reference to records providing a catalogue that consist full detail of our records materials
provide the photocopier of the records to user want to use the record
provide record center search room to users
shelves for reference materials and users can access to a photocopier but user must tell and get the permission from our staff that they want the record to copying. Facilities for staff working and recreational accommodation, on accordance with the standards and effect within the government or organization
provide other facilities such as toilets and washrooms
provided with computers to ease their work
café as resting areas
provide mosque for Muslim staff Storage and maitenance of vehicles forklift as our main vehicles because our record center are biggest and a lot of record that we keep inside our record center
lorry and also office cars for our staff to manage all work in our company. Other information keep records such as maps, plans and engineering drawing in plan cabinets equipped with drawers or in vertical plan cabinets equipped with hangers.
put in special room in suitable conditions
use cardboard tubes to avoid the records from damage Conclusion services of our records center are systematic and suitable for records that we manage.
staff in our records center was a trainee worker
facilities in this record center is from latest technologies and best equipment
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