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Hotel services 2

No description

Go English Live

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Hotel services 2

Hotel services 2
City attractions
What can I do around the city?
Sectors of medellin
The most popular sectors are:
Out and about
How to give directions?
Frequent expressions
Left - Izquierda
Right - Derecha
Straight - Derecho
Turn - Voltear
Go back - Devolverse
Make/take a right- Voltear hacia la derecha
Go up - subir
Go down - bajar
How to use them
I want to go to Mondongos, How do I get there?
ok, I can explain
1) You go up to the main street la 70
2) Then you make a left.
3) You walk two blocks and turn right.
4) The restaurant will be on your right.
You can do many different things.
We have many malls, the closest is Unicentro and Los Molinos.
You can take a tour bus around the city
If you are looking for bars you can go to la 70.
It is very close.
We have easy transportation
You can take:
Many stations take you through all the city.
Taxi services 24 hours
The ride cost $1.800
A short ride is between 5.000 and 10.000
The first and last impression of the hotel -
Good Morning
Good Evening
Good afternoon
El Poblado
Beautiful area located in the south of the city,very touristic. there is El parque lleras with clubs, bars, and restaurants.
There is great variety of delicious restaurants.
Il forno
La pastizerria
"Where can we go out for dinner?
Where does the turibus go?
The bus will take you all around the city ..
Some places like The lleras park, Santa Fe mall, Pies descalzos park, Botero gallery and more.
How much will it cost?
a 24 hour ticket is 35$ COP / 21$ USD
a 48 hour ticket is 56$ COP / 33 USD
Ride the metro cable
It takes you on a ride through the city in the air.
There is a connection with the metro.
More important places:
Las vegas clinic
There is EMI services for clients.
The EMI is a ambulance service with Doctors that come to our instalations.
There are also bars and clubs in el Poblado
La estrada mall
Lleras park
Rio sur mall
It's a very nice and beautiful residential area. The Nutibara avenue has a lot of great restaurants.
You say things like
" Let me help you with that"
Where is a church?
There is a catholic church across the street.
Medellin Clinic
I'm looking for the parking lot ??
Yes, the parking lot is on the corner I have to go with you and open the gate.
"It is a very sunny day. "
It's always good to make conversation.
" How was your day today "
Remember the hotel restaurant is open to all your needs
Education Platforms
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