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john glenn

No description

Library Media

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of john glenn

About John Glenn John Glenn was Born on Jan, 1946. John grew up in Massachusetts. Soon after John's birthday the Glenn's moved to New Concord east of Columbus. John liked playing sports, like so football, basketball, baseball, and ice skating. Space Family John married Anna Margret Castor of New Concord. They have two children, and two grand children. John once said that was the greatest journey he ever had. Before he went on the flight he said it was going to be a great adventure going in to space. Before John orbited around the earth he ran for the U. S Senate to be elected for public office. On January 1964. John resigned the U. S Senate from Ohio. He decided to be elected for public office. John ran for the democratic nomination for president in 1968. John flew around around the earth in 3 hours 23 minutes and 8.4 seconds. He completed going around the earth in the shortest amount of time. John had a safe trip from space. When he got back they threw a parade for him. On July 16, 1957 John took off in his f-8u from Lois Mitoses naval station in California. Johns liftoff was at 9:47 E.S.T February 20, 1962. JOHN GLENN Jobs What John once Said Things that are true America was once the most technology advanced country in the world! Sound waves are created when air planes travel faster then the speed of sound. It shook New Concord when John past over. Picture of John HOPE YOU ENJOYED that is John after he orbited around the earth. The author of my books are
Michel D. Cole John Glenn People Two Know.

Michael Burgan John Glenn Young Astronaut.

Tom McGowan Space Race.

Don Mitchel Liftoff. My Resources BY: Carson
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