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How to Make Galaxy Shoes

No description

Jaycee Reeves

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of How to Make Galaxy Shoes

How to Make Galaxy Shoes What You'll Need A pair of black canvas shoes ex: Converse or Vans
Painter's tape
White acrylic paint
Pink, blue, green acrylic paint or similar colors
A thin paint brush Getting Started The first thing you want to do take your shoes and remove the laces and set those aside so they don't get paint on them. Cover up! You'll want to cover the rubber edges of your shoes or any part that you don't want to get paint on with painters tape. Warning You will be using your fingers to apply the paint onto the shoes, so make sure you aren't wearing anything that the paint could damage. Also, keep everything you need in reach to prevent getting paint everywhere. Start Painting! Choose the first color that you'll be working with and dip your fingers into it. Do only one color at a time and blend it into the shoe. It will dry very quick so if you want the color more bold add a couple layers of paint. Once the first color is distributed on the shoe, you can start adding a second color in some of the random spots you missed. Next, you'll add a third color to the shoe. Make sure you're blending the paint on top of the other colors and covering the rest of the spots that you missed. The last color you want to add is the white in a few areas to create a nebula effect. Adding Stars There's two different ways you can apply the stars. You can paint them on with a thin paint brush or you can dip your fingers into the white paint and splatter the stars on. The splatter method creates a shooting star effect. Before After Start Painting! Pick the first color you'll be working with. If you think the color is too bright you can add a little black to darken it up. Blend your first color onto most of the area of the shoe. You don't have to cover all of it because you can fill it in with your other colors. Start blending the second color on top of the first and in places that you missed. Don't worry if there's still blank spots. By: Jaycee Reeves Start adding the last color to the spots you missed and in other random areas. Nebula For a more realistic galaxy affect, you're going to add white areas on the shoe. This will look like a nebula, you'll want three or four areas covered in white. Adding Stars You can hand paint the starts on with the thin paint brush randomly all over the shoe. Adding Stars You can add the stars by dipping your fingers into the white paint and splattering it on the shoe to create a shooting star effect.
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