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Public Speaking

Blake Lively

Jessica Blas

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Public Speaking

Blake Lively Born in Los Angeles
Youngest of five siblings Visited Disneyland twice a week as a kid.
Started first grade at the age of three
Attended 13 different schools
Participated in show choir and was a cheerleader in highschool
Planned on attending Stanford after highschool
Began acting at age 11
Appeared in 1998 film Sandman
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Played Bridget, one of the lead roles
Nominated Teen Choice Award Breakout Female
Revenue of $42 million Co Stared in Accepted (2005)
earned her a Hollywood Life
'Breakthrough' award
Gossip Girl
Premiered in 2007
Serena van der Woodsen Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2
$44 million at box offices
Most successful film to date Other films
Simon says
Elvis and Anabelle
New York, I Love You
Coming soon
The Private Lives of Pippa Lee
The Town
Green Lantern www.talktalk.uk.co/entertainment www.lounge.cwtv.com www.vex.com/mickeymouse www.freidmanarchives.com www.disney-clipart.com www.blackrockmicro.com www.traileraddict.com www.wildaboutmovies.com www.fanpop.com www.wildaboutmovies.com www.tvfanatic.com
www.dontquityrdayjob.com www.fanpop.com
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