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How boats have changed over time.

What they were used for way back when and wht they are used for now.

$wagg Bo$$

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of How boats have changed over time.

Wooden to Metal, Rafts to Yachts Boats over the Years The Beginning Boats continued to get larger as the years went on. During these times huge transport ships were created to bring people to America. Also gigantic cruise ships were created for luxury and for people to go from place to place on long trips. During this time they started to create metal boats. the first was made in 1843 in Great Britain. Boats Of The Renaissance Era Boats have been used as a form of transportation for over 40,000 years. They've been used since ancient times to transport goods, for trading, and to transport soldiers . The Egyptians had their reed rafts and the Vikings had their Longboats.
The first boats were made in the early centuries human society. They were logs hollowed out used as canoes, used for fishing by the cave people. Later on boats would evolve into rafts, then large deadly fighting machines. Old War Ships After a while people started to realize they could use the ships for war. when they figured this out they made changes and add thing to the ships. Most groups added sails so the ships could move faster. Groups like the Greeks had many huge paddles that crewmen used to move the boats across the water. They would try to board and take over the other groups boat in war. Or they would ram into the sides of the other boats to disable it and make it sink. Some groups only used military ships to transport soldiers and weapons. Later groups like the Vikings used their ships for both. Their ships were called longboats, light, fast but still strong, you could call it the ultimate war ship. Until we made ours. Boats in the renaissance era were a lot more advanced then the other boats we've talked about. This is when Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas with his fleet of 3 large ships. The Santa Maria, Pinta, and Nina were the 3 ships he used in the 1400s to discover the "new world". The Santa Maria was 60 feet long and about 100 tons, it was the type of ship known as a Carrack. Nina and Pinta were both 50 feet long and weighed about 60 tons they were the type of ships known as Caravels. Caravels were smaller than Carracks but both types were larger than other ships we've talked about. Boats from 1700s-1900s Boats of today and the future Today our boats are larger and used for more entertainment purposes. We have huge luxurious cruise ships and yachts. We do use boats for long trips to other countries as much as people used them before because we now have planes. Our military has large aircraft carriers and battleships with oversized cannons. We also have fishing boats that are used to bring in seafood. Besides that boats now are mostly used for entertainment purposes like fishing and hanging out with friends and family on the ocean. I believe boats in the future will be larger and more luxurious. The military ships will have more air deck space to carry more guns and more crewmen. They will also have larger guns. Citations Wiki
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