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Time for Change

No description

on 16 February 2015

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Transcript of Time for Change

In our world...
Life-expectancy increasing
Expectation of multiple careers
Dynamic of generations in the workplace
Need for life-long learning
Technology as game-changer
Big players (Google, Amazon) vs small disruptors
Virtual meetings and teams on the rise
2. What have we achieved in 2014?
Our OD Goals for 2015
- a new set of principles?

- a new name?

-a new 'strapline'?

-a new methodology?
2015 Planning
Warner Bros.

Proposed Budget
Time for Change.....
What's changing?
Increasing importance of ITV
Growth and potential in international
Acquisition and diversity
Cost efficiencies
Structural changes
Change as a constant
In Learning and Development
Developments in Neuroscience
Impact of technology
MOOCS, mobile learning, Apps
Growth mindset vs fixed mindset
Business Partnering
L&D as 'curators' vs 'providers'
70: 20: 10

Introduced Career Insights
Lead discussion with senior leaders and identified actions
Talent Management
Re-designed and re-launched DLP with new partner - YSC
Introduced MOSI (Strategic Influencing) for ELP delegates
re-designed 'managing at Warner Bros.'
introduced stronger follow-up process
used co-facilitation model for internal and external expertise
Managed Engagement Surveys in 3 territories and 19 business units. Engaged with leaders on follow-up
Ran survey in WBUK - meeting needs of complex structure
Ran Learning Week with great feedback
Introduced Business Update Lunch and Learns
Contributed to HR Engagement (analysis and presentation)
Designed and ran 'Leading Business through Change' for Eyeworks leaders
Ran Change Management Part 1 for Leavesden
Change Management
Performance Management
Worked with Burbank OD to design new PM process
Business Partnering
re-structured our team- new business responsibilities
built good relations with TT and introduced management development
further strengthened relationship with Leavesden and Shed
built credibility in WBUK through Engagement survey
Piloted new innovation prog in WBUK
Launched e-modules for digital development internationally
experienced equine coaching
Kevin's WB Goals
1. Grow Theatrical
2. Company-wide DC
3. Partner w Turner on kids
4. Grow digital
5.Expand TV
6. Cost-savings
Goals/Focus for International
Extension of Leavesden/local production
Cross-divisional working/brand planning
Collaboration with Turner
Growth of digital
Integrate Eyeworks
Re-structuring Fin/MIS
Re-callibrate post change
A proposed OD Focus for 2015
1. support

2. drive

3. increase

4. develop

What did you
learn today??
increase LEARNING
1. Offer Core Programme 'on Demand'

2. Continue with Management Development

3. Increase 'technology-enabled' learning

4. Educate employees to take ownership; especially around career
1. Intro to Presentation Skills
2. Life's a Pitch
3. Time Management
4. Employment Law
5. Managing a Project
6. Advanced Project Management
7. Influencing Skills
8. Coaching for High Performance
9. Finance for Non-Financial Managers
10. Leading Remote Teams
build more pre and post course activity
research resources around three core topics per quarter and add these to WBLN: eg
TED talks
Twitter feeds
share these internationally
project manage and facilitate the introduction of Performance PULSE
prepare for PM in Eyeworks (Q3/4 2015)
support CHANGE
Run 'Leading Business through Change workshops in Q1
Provide OCM role where relevant (MIS, Finance)
Meet with business leaders to identify specific needs and support on these
Build Adaptability and Managing Change into our management training
develop TALENT
introduce DLP into APAC
run ELP in EMEA
work with leaders to identify talent challenges and do Talent Reviews
introduce new hi-po leader prog: LID
Proposed new leadership prog:
targets hi-pos post DLP
Director level (with flexibility)
9-month prog.
3-day workshop+mentor+learning challenge
0.5 day workshop or webinar
Lead: Innovate: Drive
Day 1: Neuroscience and Leadership Impact (in-house)
Day 2: Adaptability and Innovation (Steve Chapman)
Day 3: Business Strategy for Media (Business school TBD)
Next Steps....
Get feedback from BH
Meet with key senior leaders Jan 2015
Share with HR leaders international via webinar Jan
Communicate to leaders and employees Feb

Second year of Reverse Mentoring
What are your thoughts, comments, questions?
A new way forward.......
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