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Famous Photographer

No description

Patrick Beatty

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Famous Photographer

Famous and Current Photographer
Joe Rosenthal
Why did he get into photography?
Favorite Pictures
By: Patrick Beatty
He was born October 9, 1911 in Washington DC, his parents were Jewish Russians. His desire for photography began during the depression in San Francisco, CA. He became a reporter and photographer for the local newspaper, San Francisco News.
It was his hobby as a young man living in San Francisco; he enjoyed taking photos greatly and found it very fun.
This image is by far my favorite; it’s also a very famous photo. The reason I like it so much is because it tells a story great of triumph.
The third image shows San Francisco in the midst of a late snow storm, I like this image because it’s different from his typical war and flag pictures but at the same time he shows his American pride.
This is another one of my favorites, I like it because lines are shown throughout the picture.
Favorite Pictures (continued)
My Photographs
Joe Rosenthal inspired me to capture images that told a story. I also did my best to replicate the very patriotic war photos he took. His images of cities also made it to major newspapers so I worked on capturing photographs of buildings. Everything was done in black and white.
Björn Lofterud
I found very limited information on him, but however I do know that he was born in Sweden and still currently lives there. He has a broad range of photographs, his great amount of talent allows him to take pictures of almost anything he wants. His interest for taking pictures started as a hobby and eventually became a job.
Björn's Photography
My current photographer takes pictures of almost anything imaginable. On his website he categorizes his photos into four main groups, architecture, interior, food and still life. Most of his work includes complex foregrounds and simplistic backgrounds with the exception of his sunset and sunrise photos.
His Photos
My Photos
Project Summary
During this project I learned that the best photos anyone can take are those that tell a story. I also learned that any photograph can turn into a masterpiece whether it be in vivid color or simplistic black and white. In every moment of life there are chances to take pictures, it's important to always take photos in these moments, as they may be the best you've ever taken.
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