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DISSOLUTION: Language loss. by Rafael Valladares


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Transcript of DISSOLUTION: Language loss. by Rafael Valladares

2 There are some important definitions
that should be taken into account: CORPUS CALLOSUM: Is the largest
sheath of association pathways connecting
the two hemispheres (left and right). What comes to your mind when you hear
loss It can be related when people present
a deficit in their language production. It is a language shortfall in communicative contexts. Motor cortex Sensory cortex A brain strip which initiates
all voluntary muscular movements. On the other hand, there are a huge difference between the two types of aphasia located in some specific areas of humans´ brain.

WERNICKE´S APHASIA Something really interesting about
the areas presented above is that there
are two special ironies which make them
unique than other body parts: As those areas are
categorized as Aphasia, when
they are damaged, there are some surgical operations to help patients when they present language problems:

2. SPLIT-BRAIN OPERATION. Other language loss disorders caused not by brain damage:
Besides, there are two different theories that states their points of view about Stuttering disorder:

JOHNSON THEORY: Stuttering is caused by traumatic events in childhood.

ORTON/TRAVIS THEORY: Stammering is caused by the absence of unambiguous lateralization of speech to the left hemisphere. Autism Stuttering/Stammering Short Time Memory Long
Time Memory Alzheimer´s disease Down´s syndrome Its studies go beyond
with the Aphasiology (study of
Aphasia) and the parts of the
human brain
such as... It could be a disability
of language input and output. This language problem occurs as a consequence of brain damage. Based on that it is really important to identify and comprehend how human brain is constituted.

Let´s check some parts of the human brain... A brain strip responsible of all feelings and sensory system . Comprehension of language is confined.
Troubles in processing linguistic input. The speech production and writing are resided. 1 When an injury occurs,
there would not be to much pain because as those
areas are in the top of the left ear, there are no pain receptors. Once they are damaged, they do not grow back.
(regeneration). Since long time ago, Neurolinguistics (a branch of Psycholinguistics) has been
focused on how people
create and produce
language. However, Neurolinguistics
found some language
problems that affects
people´s speech production. One of this problems
is known as Asphasiology,
which means the study of
APHASIAS Aphasia In order to clarify some
concepts, the Language
Loss as result of brain

It is better known as... By
Rafael Valladares
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