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Being Safe Online

No description

Jace Erickson

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Being Safe Online

Being Safe Online
By Jace Erickson

Sexting is when some one online is taking sexual pictures of themselves and sending them to people that are close friends but then the people that are friends with your friends can go world wide then every one can see what you posted.
Don't do any of these thing so you don't get in trouble. Also don't do these things because they could lead to bad addictions that can effect your life in the long run. There for don't do any of these.


Cyber bullying is when one person gets bulled online and gets mean texts from lots of people that have known him/her and don't like to talk to them or they wont you dead for something that they did that was a mistake.
Do not copy some ones design that they mad on the website or do not copyright something with out asking the person if you can yous there picture.
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