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Casino Management

No description

sandy Chor

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Casino Management

Casino Management
Caribbean Stud Poker
Pai Gow Poker

How To Manage
Management - HR
Must win both hands to win

Pai Gow poker pays even (1:1)
with 5% commission

No commission on losing hand or push
Financial management system
Surveillance camera
Unique code/materials on devices
Security guards/ pit clerks
House Edge / Element of Risk
House Edge
The ratio of expected money lost to initial bet

Initial Bet ≠ Final Bet

Element of Risk
The ratio of average money lost to
average total money wagered

Eg) $10 ante + $20 raise = $30
$30×2.6% = 78 cents
Pai Gow Poker
How Casinos Make Money

House Edge
Minimum Bet


Maximum Bet

Improving Employee Performances
Technical Skills
Communication skills
Greeting skills
Willingness to help
Job Satisfaction
How these affect casino guest experience?
Technically incompetent dealers will not be able to present a smooth gaming experience to players (distributing/ collecting cards too slow or too slow at counting payoffs)

Players feel unwelcomed (unwilling to help guests/ does not show a welcoming attitude/ being rude)
Pai Gow Poker
Caribbean Stud Poker
Feeling of control
Easy rules
The Optimal Strategy
Players can minimize the element of risk

Fold 46% / Raise 54%
Case 2: Play Every Hand (10 ante player)
Caribbean Stud Poker
How Casinos Make Money

Hourly Casino Revenue
per Player
Hands raised by the optimal strategy player

Average rounds per hour
35 rounds

Average units wagered per hand

2.045 units

Element of Risk
Case 1: The Optimal Strategy
($10 ante player)
*Advantage of casino over players increases
up to 5.5% by playing every hand.
House Edge for
Progressive Jackpot
Minimum/Maximum Bet
job tension
role ambiguity
role conflicts should be avoided
Positive Job Drivers
effective communication
clear job roles
service rewards
Negative Job Drivers
Progressive Poker
Case 1:
Single $10 Ante Player
Casino Revenue
Case 2:
Two $10 Ante Players
Any questions?
Minimum Bet
A typical range $5-$500 in US
Rarely under HK$200 (=US$26) in Macau
Low due to the 2-times the ante size bet rule

Eg) $10 ante - $30 in totsl to play your hand
($10 ante bet + $20 play bet)
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