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Text Structure

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asiah nash

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Text Structure

Text Structure
Lil' Wayne in court for sentence
Klondike Gold rush
Charlotte Jones


This means that despite having a high body mass index, or BMI, someone can have a small waistline, normal blood pressure and low cholesterol levels, and show little to no risk for developing diabetes. define and descibe

The Gene Scene
Hurricane Hereos
a lot of factors impact a persons health,including how much they exercise and when they put on weight
thin people can be metabolically helthy.overwright people can also be what they call metabolically healthy
Hurricane is hurting people.
Trees are breaking in front of houses .
Houses are breaking
So they heal them.
So they cut em down
So they rescue them
Author: Thomas fields-meyer
problem and solution
hit the U.S.
july 27
15 hundred
people had
left Seattle
for the
A million
made p
plans to go
to klondike
Forty thousand
reached the
yukon gold-
fieldsby the summer

Deja d
The grammy rapper was due
to be sentenced Tuesday after being pleaded guilty in a possession case.His Plea deal calls for him to serve his sentence not in state prison but in city jail system.
1.how to find out if you and your friend have the same genes
2..can both of you curl your tongue
3.can you wiggle your ears
4.can you raise one of your eyebrows
5.do you have a hitch hiker thumb
6.then see how many genes you have in common
Police found a loaded gun when they stoppd the bus .City Department of Correction spokesman Stephen Morello wouldn't discuss any arrangements being made to house Lil Wayne among the roughly 13,500 inmates in the massive Rikers Island complex and other jails. Most inmates are awaiting trial.
lil wayne was pleaded guilty in October attempted with gun possession.
author: Jordan brown
Lil Wayne was sentenced for 8 months"This is Lil Wayne going to jail. Nobody can tell me what that's like," the rapper told Rolling Stone magazine for its latest issue. "I just say I'm looking forward to it."

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