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The Crucible Poems

No description

Ethan Wells

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of The Crucible Poems

By Ethan Wells What I Lost Shrink Poem "I AM" POEM Bio Poem What I lost you ask?
My pride, my life, my land!
By a kniving harlot!
Now, It costs me my life.

Something I will never lose is my name.
Given to me the day I was born until the day I die.
I hold it dearly, for it is all I own now. Dancing girls, and evil things
Prance about saying devlish antings
Spied a Father, of faith and parent
What he seen did not seem apparent
Ran to the town to spread the word
Little did he know, this was more than he could nerve
Everyone knew, so the girls picked out their foes
Right beneath, under everyone's nose

Jealousy, revenge and lust, is recipe for something robust
As the girls did demented things, people knew they had to adjust
"Witches!" They cried, but wh o could be the candidate for this arrest?
You? Me? She? He? For I do not know but to be on my best.
Mothers, Fathers, Sisters and brothers, all accused of what follows:
Witches, Wizards and dastardly plotters, shall hang at the gallows
Their souls all in the hands youth, who know only to hide the truth
Meanwhile, one is about to stand up and speak without ruth.

"Lies!" The man said. Everyone shocked by this burst
Someone had to do it! I will not sit with thirst
No one believed him. Not even the Father
Although few did, it was not enough to fodder
He lost his battle to his past, all because he wanted some ass
His future bleak, close to end. He might as well sleep in in a cask
Wife and husband, say goodbyes, and forgive all of there spite
His name stayed pure, till his end, true to god, tried his best with all his might

Her love is gone and lost, all at her expense.
All because she wanted a life with him in their own manse
Fatherless boys, who will never know to be a man
And a widow now, never to love again I am a good honest man
I wonder if my wife still loves me
I hear the bells of Sunday church
I see the fields full of crop
I want my past to stop haunting me
I am a good honest man

I pretend I did not commit adultery
I feel so guilty to my wife
I worry that Abigail will come after my wife
I cried when my wife forgave me
I am a good honest man

I understand what I did was wrong
I say Abigail needs to stop her sinning
I dream that one day this will all be over
I try to prove Abigail wrong
I hope that someone will believe me
I am a good honest man Abigail
Evil, selfish, revengeful, and ruthless
Daughter of the Preacher
Lover of John Proctor, suffering of Elizabeth Proctor and My future life with John
Who feels full of madness, treachury, and jealousy.
Who fears the truth, God, and losing John
Who would like to see Elizabeth hang, and John with her
Who believes in her lies and depends on the girl to also
Resident of Salem
Abigail WIlliams Abecedarian Poetry Portfolio
The Crucible A jealous girl and her love
Banned by the man who never loved
Couldn't resist what she had
Damned by the sin he shouldn't have done
Everyone will never know
For this he could see
Greeted by icey stares and glares
His wife, disappointed could not fathom her husband
Is an adulterer.
Just turn your head look away
Kin of ours must never know
Let them think they're own dad is a cheater?
Mothers will die instead to share that knowledge
No one shall ever know..
Opposing views and upset girls, want to have there ways
Plus there loves
Queens of mass power could not even break the lust of this young girl
Running from his fears
Soon he will know that his action will be the death of him
To save his pride and name was all he wished
Understanding what this would cost
Voting against to write his name,
Would cause him much pain
Xenogenous actions won't even save him
Zealousy from a young girl ended this man's life

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