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Stat Lab #7


David Quinn

on 26 February 2010

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Transcript of Stat Lab #7

STAT221 LAB #7 Control Charts Confidence Internals Examples
We can use diffrenct levels of confidance to find parameters
Chlorine Levels

Nuclear Reactor Temperature CI activity
Why confidence intervals? Seriously who cares? I thought confidence was just for interviews and getting the ladies. Confidence Interval: The range given by the two numbers computed by the process for one sample, that either does or does not contain mu.

Confidence Level: Using the this same process you can expect that x% of your confidence intervals will contain mu, where x is your Confidence Level.
The Process 50 30 41 38 63 43 57 61 52

Mu=48.3 (You’re not suppose to know!)

Confidence Level – z*

99% 2.576 (28.4,59.6)
95% 1.96 (32.1,55.9)
90% 1.645 (34.0,54.0)
50% 0.674 (39.9,48.1)
10% 0.08 (43.5 ,44.5)
2% 0.01 (43.9,44.1)
Polling data

X(bar) = 50.2

Z* = 95% C.L.

Sigma = 29

n = 250 Is Obama Emo? #9 #11
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