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The Roaring Twenties: Cinema and Movies

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Logan Tappe

on 26 February 2011

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Transcript of The Roaring Twenties: Cinema and Movies

The Roaring Twenties: Cinema and Movies The biggest movie stars in the 1920's were Jobyna Raiston,
Brigitte Helm, Emil Jannings, and Charlie Chaplin. The first movie theaters were called Nickelodeons,
which were just very basic theators. Later, the Capitol Theator held a total of 8000 people. In 1927, Hollywood became the center of movie making, but at the time it was callled 'Hollywoodland.' By the end of the decade, there was about 30 studios proucding movies in Hollywood. By Nur Al Sharif The 5 main movie studios were: Warner Bros, Paramount, RKO (Radio-Keith-Orpheum), MGM, and Fox Films. On average, a total of 800 films were produced annually. Currently, no more than 500 movies are produced annually. In the year 1928, Walt Disney produced the first animated cartoon; "Plane Crazy." This cartoon introuces Mickey Mouse. In the beggining, most of the movies made in the 1920's didn't have sound, and people followed up with the movie using subtitle cards. The trailer of the hit film of 1927 "Metropolis." The movie"What Price Glory?" was the first movie to use bad language. The first subtitled movie was a german movie called 'Zwei Herzen im Dreiviertel-Takt.' In English, this transaltes to 'Two Hearts in Waltz Time.' The first movie to have color in it was "The Gulf Between" in 1917. They used the Technicolor system, which was founded by Herbert Kalmus, Daniel Comstock, and Burton Westco. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Academy Awards) was founded in 1927. William A. Wellman's "Wings" won the award for Best Production in 1927, the year the Academy Awards was founded. Some of the best known movies of the 1920's were "Metropolis" (1927), "Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans" (1927), "Napoleon" (1927), and "Pandora's Box" (1929). Bibliography
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