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John Green

No description

Grace Sanders

on 26 October 2013

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Transcript of John Green

John Green

John Green- Early Life
John Green was born to parents Sydney and Mike Green on August 27, 1977. They moved to Orlando, Florida when he was 3 weeks old, and that's where he primarily grew up.
He attended a boarding school outside
of Birmingham, AL, and later graduated
from Kenyon College with a degree in
English and Religious studies.
Books By John Green
The Vlog Brothers
In 2007, John and his brother, Hank decided to create a series of video blogs, called Brotherhood 2.0, in which he and his brother would cease all text-based communication and instead communicate through videos, which lasted the entire duration of a year.
After the year was over, Hank and John announced that they were to continue this video correspondance.
Videos From The VlogBrothers
Project For Awesome
P4A is a YouTube awareness program that Hank Green came up with. It allows YouTubers (people who make videos on YouTube), film videos about their favorite charity in hopes to raise awareness and money for it.
In 2011, over 71,000 dollars were made, and in 2012, over 450,000. This year's P4A is going to be held December 17.
The Personal Life
of John Green
John and his wife live in Indianapolis, IN with John's 8 week old daughter, Alice and his 3 year-old son, Henry, and a Yorkshire Terrier called Fireball Wilson Green, or better known, Willy.
His wife is referred to as "the Yeti" because while she is often referenced, and believed to exist, she is never actually seen on camera.
The Fault In Our Stars Movie
"The Fault in Our Stars" is an amazing book written by John Green. Its about a cancer-stricken Hazel, and a amputee, Augustus.

The "TFIOS" movie is to be realeased on
June 6, 2014. The main characters are to be portrayed by Ansel Elgort, and Shailene Woodley. The movie is in the early stages of editing.
Why Do I Like John Green?
This is a really good question. I like John Green because he is true. He's relatable, and he tells it like it is. His books are written around the real world. He's a bit of a nerd, and he understands what its like to be a teenager. He's not afraid to be himself and to speak the truth. He's a really good guy also, and I think its cool that he thinks that its not only okay, but pretty awesome to be a nerd, in its own right. His books have such powerful messages and are so inspiring and I can't wait to read more of them.
John Green mainly writes Realistic Fiction. Some of his works could be considered romances or adventures, but in all honesty, they are probably more generally labeled as Realistic Fiction.
My Favorite Book Ever
aka The Fault in Our Stars
The Fault in Our Stars (the name is
too long I'm calling it TFIOS), is truly, truly
amazing. It takes you into the life of
Hazel Grace Lancaster, a lung cancer
stricken and depressed, unsocial teenager
(ring a bell anyone?). She is forced by her
over-protective parents to go to a church
cancer support group. When she goes unwillingly,
she meets Augustus Waters, who is there with
his friend, Iscaac. This basically begins the rest
of her life.
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