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The Story Of Cato Carter

No description

Natalia Dotter

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of The Story Of Cato Carter

The Story Of Cato Carter
By Natalia Dotter
.Cato Carter was born in 1836 near Wilcox county, Alabama.
. He was born into the Carted family.
. His mother was dark skinned, and his father was light skinned.
. Lived with aunt Mrs. Adeline and Uncle Ol'
. Was a slave to the Carter family but with benefits.
. Treated like a part of the Cato family.
. Respected
. Safe
. Was for the most part positive about his days of slavery
. Road in a carriage with the whites
. Had his own room in the main house.

Major event #1
Cato was well trusted among his family. When his master (uncle) left for the war he told Cato that he trusted him to stay with Mrs. Adeline (Cato's aunt) and take care of for as long as she lived in the chance that he would not come back. Cato kept this promise and stayed by Mrs. Adeline's side always.
Major event #2
Cato had a hat that he would wear whenever he want to town that said not to harm him because he was family to the Carter's. Cato would get the mail in town and would always come home. Proving that he was as trust worthy as the Carter's thought.
Major event #3
A while after slavery was abolished Cato was still living at the Carter's house. One day Cato was walking with his Master (uncle). His Master saw that one of the Black men were doing something that he didn't like so he ordered Cato to kill that man. Cato went over to him and told him that if they did not run away right then that they would both by killed. So they ran. Later on the Carter' had forgiven Cato and all was well but Cato never regretted how he ran away that day.

To That Day
Cato was 102 years old when he told his story to the Narrators. He Talked about how he managed to keep him promise to his master and he took care of Mrs. Adeline till she passed away. And that he felt fortunate to have been raised by the white folks that he had spent most of his life with, but he knew how tough it was for the others who weren't being protected by a white family.
What I Have Learned
I have learned that for the rare occasion some slaves were respected by their masters. But i still realize that for the most part many others were not. They did not have the benefits that Cato did, and i recognize how hard it must have been for those who did not.
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